Recipe Club {Favorite Lunches}

This week, I started {again} really watching what I am eating! It got way out of hand over the summer. I also started a new exercise program called Shift Shop! I have completed Day 3 and so far I LOVE it! 

A while back I did the 21 Day Fix Program! It was awesome, well what I completed of it! I have an amazing Beachbody Coach, Lindsay Ann.
 Instead of following the Shift Shop eating plan, I decided to go back to the 21 Day Fix eating program and use my containers!! 

I have really enjoyed 2 of these lunches and I have one planned for next week!! 

I hope you will grab our NEW GRAPHIC with our NEW CO-Host, Jenna, and link up below!! 

The first lunch I want to share with you is a mason jar salad! I LOVE these!! You can switch up so many veggies!! 

You will need:

Mason jar- 
I used a 24oz wide mouth 

Salad dressing- 1 ORANGE
Red Wine Vinegar and olive oil

Veggies- 1 GREEN
I used broccoli, cucumbers, and red bell peppers 
Other suggestions would be tomatoes, zucchini, carrots

Protein- 1 RED
I used rotisserie chicken

Lettuce- 1 GREEN
I used romaine and baby spinach 

Cheese/Extras- 1 BLUE
I used feta cheese and dried cranberries

Just layer the ingredients in your mason jar starting with the dressing on the bottom.
add your veggies, protein, lettuce, and top with cheese and cranberries! 
Make sure to screw your lid on tight! 

They can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days!! 

Adult "Lunchable"

What you will need:

Protein- 1 RED
I use Boar's Head maple glazed turkey breast

Veggie- 1 GREEN
I used bell peppers

Fruit- 1/2 PURPLE
1 cutie

Fats-1 Blue
I LOVE Laughing Cow Cheese. Spicy Pepper Jack is my FAVORITE

Carbs-1 Yellow
Crunchmaster's crackers 

This is so easy to meal prep and makes for a yummy lunch! 
You could even spread your cheese on your turkey, add a pepper slice and roll up!! 

This is the salad that I am trying next week!! 

Chicken apple sausage Kale salad

I will share it next week when I make it!!! 

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