Christmas 2017

Happy Thursday friends. I know I normally do not post on Thursday's anymore but I wanted to go ahead and get my Christmas recap up on the blog since I took some much needed time off last week. 

I will go ahead and let you know that it is going to be picture overload because I am recapping several of our Christmas festivities in one post. 

The kids got out of school for Christmas break on Wednesday, December 20th. Ella's class had a fun class party. They even got to wear their jammies if they wanted to. 

They put on a Christmas play.  

They played Pin the Heart on the Grinch.

They had a stocking exchange.

We love Mrs. Cravey.

On Saturday, December 23rd, We went to my mom's house for Christmas with my sister and my cousin, Shonda's family. 

She was so EXCITED to get a 2018 pug calendar. 

Along with a pug scarf and pug slippers. 

Ian was a "cool dude" in the corner. It's rough being 13 ;)

A pug piggy bank from Shonda.

My niece, Amber, opening her gifts.

Jayce and Ryker.

Grandma Deb got an Instant Pot.

Ian racked up on the gift cards.

Of Course, we had to play with the SnapChat filters.

We played Minute it to Win it games.

Christmas Eve morning, we went to church.Then we went to Ninja with Ben's parents and brother. After lunch, we came home and just relaxed. It was wonderful. 

Then we left cookies and milk for Santa.

Christmas morning, Ian woke us up at 3AM... yes, I said 3AM. He was so excited. We let them go ahead and open presents. 

The pups got new chewy bones.

We went back to sleep around 5:30. Then around 9:00, Ben's parents and brother came over for Christmas.

Grammy bought each pup a bag of goodies. Duke was ready to dig in.

Ian got golf balls.

Ben got cigars. His FAVORITE. 

Ella got a pair of UGGS and Ian got a pair of basketball shoes. 

We gave both of the kids Chromebooks. So the rest of Christmas afternoon looked like this...

That evening we had our traditional Christmas dinner of Ritz cracker chicken, Au Gratin potatoes, and fried okra. It was pure heaven. 

We had a fantastic Christmas season with lots of memories made. How was your holiday???

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