Hello Monday: Last Christmas Celebration + Basketball

Hello Monday. I hope you guys had a great weekend. We had a good mix of busy and relaxing! I hope you will grab our graphic and join us...remember anything goes!

Friday we had lunch with my mama. We stopped by Ben's office for a quick visit. Then we spent the rest of Friday at home just chilling. Ben caught up on his shows. Ian played PlayStation. While Ella and I played in the craft room. She "played" store and I worked on orders, new creations, and color charts for my shop. 

Saturday afternoon, we had Christmas with my dad. We were supposed to have Christmas with him earlier in December but we had to reschedule due to the snow. My dad works for their local power company. Several hundred people lost power so he ended up working all night the night before our scheduled Christmas. 

As we were heading to my dad's, we passed THE DAWGS headed back to Athens from media day in Atlanta. The kids thought it was so cool to see their buses and their Georgia State Patrol escort. We are only about 30 minutes from the stadium. 

We got to my dad's house right before noon. My brother, Levi, just got a pig. His name is Chop (I know that is awful). Chop is 9 weeks old and should only weigh 25-35 pounds fully grown. Trixie currently weighs around 20lbs so Chop should be not much bigger than Trixie fully grown. He is so dang CUTE! Look at his face. 

Ella is now begging for a pig. I told her that is not going to happen. We have 2 dogs and a guinea pig. That is more than enough mouths to feed. 

My niece, Adalie, LOVES Chop and really doesn't like it when anyone else holds him. His fur is so soft because my brother puts coconut oil on his skin so he stays nice and soft. 

After we loved on Chop, we chowed down on Pizza and Wings. I promise we washed our hands before we ate. 😀 Then the kids opened presents. 

We got home around 5:30 and the rest of the evening was spent on the couch watching movies and football all while enjoying a glass of wine and a fire. 

Sunday, we went to church and to lunch at Barberito's with Ben's parents. At 2:00, Ian had basketball pictures with a game at 3:00pm. It was the best game that he has EVER played. I love how he is getting more and more confident on the court. Love that #20.

We won the game 47-38. So proud of these boys. They were down by 14 at the end of the 1st quarter. 

The rest of Sunday was spent grocery shopping, finishing laundry, getting book bags ready, lunches and snacks packed because the kids went back to school this morning. 

BUT...We are SO excited for TONIGHT. Our Bulldawgs are playing for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. 

I hope y'all have a fantastic Monday! I'm just hoping my coffee kicks in soon because getting up to an alarm clock was rough this morning after a 2.5 week break.  😝

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