Hello Monday: Basketball, Golf, Wine, & more Basketball

Hello Monday! Again you came way to quickly! We had a great weekend and I hope you did too! As usual, I am recapping our weekend!! I hope you will grab our graphic and join us!! 

Thursday night, Ian had a basketball game at 7:30. They played awesome and pulled out a WIN!

Friday, I had lunch with one of my FAVORITE people!! My sweet, Talia, we have been close friends since middle school. So thankful I get to do life with her! 

Friday night, Ben and I had a date night!! 🙌 We started the evening at the Mall of Georgia! We went to Tin Lizzy's for a drink and 3 Amigos. Then, we went to Legends for Surf and Turf. Finally, we ended the evening at Chateau for a little wine tasting...

Meanwhile, the kids were with Jud and Stephanie. She was sending me these pictures....the boys went to the movies with their "girlfriends"

But not before the girls introduced themselves as the "little sister" HA! 

Saturday morning, I cleaned the whole house, laundry, everything! That afternoon, golf started back up. Ian had his first tournament of the season. 

I know he is my son and I am a little biased but he really does have a pretty swing. 

Saturday night, looked a whole lot like this... I was asleep at 9:30. #wildnight #mamawastired 

Sunday morning, I was up early finishing laundry, emptying the dishwasher, and a little quiet time with my beloved coffee. I start this Bible Study on Wednesday evenings. 

We went to church and lunch with Ben's parents. After lunch, the girls went to the grocery store while the guys headed on to the basketball court. The girls made it to the game a few minutes late. 😬

It was a great weekend with beautiful weather. Which is CRAZY since it was snowing on Wednesday and 70 yesterday!! Georgia weather is straight up CRAZY!! 

Before I go, I'm excited to announce that I am joining a few other bloggers and hosting a photo challenge over on Instagram. Make sure you mark your calendars and join us!! 

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