2018 Goals + One Little Word

I can't believe we are already 10 days into 2018. My kids went back to school on Monday after a 2.5 week Christmas break so I am ready to get back into a routine.

If you have been reading the blog for any amount of time then you know that I love sharing my monthly goals.  Last year, I shared my 2017 Resolutions (I will recap those next week) along with my one little word.  I shared my January Goals last week.

After really thinking about what I would like to accomplish this year, here are my GOALS for 2018:

My motto for 2018 is SIMPLIFY. I want to simplify our schedule, our belongings, our space, and even our meals. I have mentioned before that I have read A Simplified Life by Emily Ley. It has really helped me put into perspective how I want to live our daily lives. I want simple. If you haven't read it and you feel like you are barely keeping your head above water....you need to grab it and get to decluttering. You will thank me later. 

2018 GOALS: 


1. Lose 15-20 more pounds with Weight Watchers. 
2. Continue my daily quiet time.
4. Clean/organize the attic.
5. Clean/organize jewelry drawer.
6. Clean up files on the computer.
7. Clean/organize pictures on the computer.
8. Organize recipes 

1. Be consistent on social media platforms.
2. Reach 1200 sales.
3. Add different products to the shop. 
4. Update pictures.
5. Work on SEOs.

My Glittery Heart:

1. Three sponsored post.
2. Put together a Media Kit.
3. Continue to grow Hello Monday link up
4. Be consistent on social media platforms.
5. Join Amazon Associates.
6. New email/post signature. 
7. Continuing working on pictures. 

I started using the Day Designer planner this year and so far I am LOVING the hour by hour layout. I hope to plan a little bit of time each week to work on these specific goals for this year. I am very much a list person so if I write it down and can check it off then I am more likely to get that task accomplished. 

My One Little Word for 2018 is THRIVE. 



  • grow or develop well or vigorously
  • proper; flourish
In 2017, my one little word was BELIEVE. I do BELIEVE I set a solid foundation for continuing and THRIVING with my goals for 2018. 

Are you a goal setter? What do you hope to accomplish this year? Sound off in the comments, I would love for you to share! 

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