Friday Favorites {NYE Edition}

Happy Friday Friends. I hope y'all have had a great week. Today is our last day of Christmas break. We are going to meet my sweet mama for lunch.

But before we all get our weekend started, I thought I would share a few of our FAVORITES from this week.

Monday I shared my NYE bar cart because Sunday evening we were busy ringing in 2018 with some of our FAVORITE people. We had 19 people over for good food and good company. 

Y'all know that Stephanie is one of my FAVORITE people. 

These sweet girls made DIY gold glitter lipstick for their midnight kisses 😉

Cheers to 2018. 

We were so proud that we made it to midnight. #weareold 

New Year's Day, we watched football all day curled up on the couch with a fire which might have included a nap or two from this mama. 

At 5:00, we watched our FAVORITE Buldawgs play in the Rose Bowl. 

Then we watched them WIN the Rose Bowl.

We can't WAIT to watch them play for the National Championship on Monday. I think I will have to use my super cute Bulldawg wine glass. 😊

Tuesday, we went to visit our FAVORITE newborn. BABY HUNTER. I can't believe he will already be a month old next Tuesday. 

Just look at that sweet face. 

Wednesday, I read a few chapters in my new FAVORITE book. It has felt SO good getting everything decluttered and organized. I know when I go back to "work" on Monday I will feel so much better and ready to start conquering my goals for my Etsy Shop

After a 2 week break, I finally returned to Weight Watchers yesterday. Y'all I ate whatever I wanted, drank whatever I wanted, didn't track a single food item over the Christmas break and you will never believe it...I only gained 0.2. I was certain that I had gained 3+lbs. So far I am down 9.4lbs. 
So you can imagine this surprise was most definitely a FAVORITE. 

Most of Thursday afternoon you could find Trixie "sunning" in her FAVORITE spot by the back door. She is so rotten that I moved her bed so she would be super comfy. 

Hope you guys have a fun weekend planned!! 

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