Monthly Goals | December 2018

I can't believe I am sharing my goals for the LAST month of 2018. It really is crazy how fast this year has gone by... In just a few short weeks I will be sharing my goals for 2019. That is just crazy to me.

I will start with my December goals and then share my November goals accomplishments. 



1. Hit my next weight loss goal
2. Start a new workout program with Beachbody
3. Start thinking about my 2019 goals
4. Enjoy lunch with a friend


1. Deck the Halls
2. Host and attend a FriendsMAS
3. Celebrate Ian
4. Celebrate Christmas 


1. Share Christmas Decorations
2. Plan 3-year Blogiversary
3. Share Christmas Bucket List
4. Starting thinking about 2019 goals/post


1. Start thinking of goals for 2019
2. Start planning ideas for Valentine's Day
3. Set a Christmas Cut-off Date
4. Get all orders shipped by 12/17

Do you set goals for yourself?? Are you a Goal Digger? 

What do you hope to accomplish this month?

Now let me recap November...

✔1. Maintain weight loss- With a cruise and Thanksgiving this month I will be happy if I maintain my current weight loss. and if I do happen to lose weight it will be an added bonus! 
YES. I actually lost 0.2 this month. 
✔2. Enjoy our cruise 
YES. you can read about Days 1-4 here. 
✔3. Start Christmas shopping
YES. But I have only purchased 2 gifts. I plan to get a lot done tomorrow. 
✔4. Work on the master to-do list. I have it all updated and in the back of my planner so I know what I hope to accomplish. 
YES. I got one item accomplished. I plan to share more on this next month. 

✔1. Plan Ian's 14th Birthday
YES. and we had his party last weekend.  
✔2. Host Thanksgiving
YES. You can read all about it here. 
✔3. Decorate for Christmas 
YES. and I am going to share next week. 
✔4. Work on Fall Bucket List
YES. and I plan to share an update in the next week. 

𐄂1. Christmas Tour
NOPE! Not sure why I had this as a goal when I knew I was sharing next week! 
✔2. Share Family Pictures
YES! They are my FAVORITE to date. See them HERE! 
✔3. Thankful Jar
YES! I love it. However, I was the only one who added more to it. Here is how I set it up
✔4. Cookie Exchange
YES! They are my FAVORITE

Oh My Glitter:
✔1. Hit 1,000 sales
YES! As of Wednesday evening, I was at 1042 THANK YOU
𐄂2. Keep orders to a one week turn around
NOPE. I am at about 1.2 to 2 weeks. #itried
✔3. Announce a holiday cut off date
YES. December 11th 
✔4. Start brainstorming for next year.
YES. I have lots of ideas and goals
✔5. Host a Black Friday & Small Business Saturday Sale
YES. Y'all blew me away with my sale! Again, THANK YOU! 

Here are just a few recap pictures just because. 

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