Happy Birthday to Ben

Happy Tuesday Friends!  I know I don't usually post on Tuesdays but it's a certain special someones 42nd birthday in our house.... 

Happy Birthday to Ben. Let's look back over the past year....

Last year for his birthday, we were in full lockdown so we got creative at home. 

We had a lot of facetime calls with friends! 

Celebrated Mother's Day with his mama! 

Spent A LOT of time on the golf course since that was the only place open. 

Along with a lot of time at the lake. 

He always makes me so nervous when he does this dive from the dock. 

He helped celebrate all of Bailey's special events. Bailey is my besties, Leigh Anne's daughter, but we often refer to her as our step-daughter! Ha. It started off as a joke and then it just stuck!! 

He loves this girl with his whole heart!!! 

Between Ben and Ian, they got Brett to fall in love with golf. 

We snuck in a few date nights and even an over night date. 

Lots of Lake time. 

We lost his sweet daddy and took a trip down memory lane going through all the old pictures. 

He has driven miles to watch Ian play golf. Including a trip to Sea Island. 

I love this precious man. 

He was able to pull off the annual JGO to support Ian's golf team. 

Lots of time with Grammy. 

He will forever be my wedding date. 

We celebrated Bailey going off to college. 

He took us on our annual trip to the UGA bookstore for new apparel. 

We celebrated 17 years of marriage. 

Lots of grilling and bbq's. 

I told y'all he loves these girls. 

Fall Fun at Jaemor Farm. 

Lots of cheering for the Dawgs. 

Golf in Sky Valley with some of his favorite guys. 

Pumpkin Carving with Ella. 

He pleases me every year and has family pictures made....

Enjoyed Halloween at home giving out candy but not before sending these 2 cows off trick or treating. 

His annual President's Trip in Naples, FL. 

Bloody Mary's and cigars on the beach... He could get on board with this situation. 😉

Thanksgiving Day at home with just our little family. 

More traveling to watch Ian play golf but this time, he treated us to Disney. 

Christmas celebrations with family. 

Lots of couch snuggles with Trixie. 

Christmas Eve service. 

He celebrated my birthday with dinner out with friends. 

We snuck in a few more date nights

We started back to our monthly wine nights. 

and I snuck in all the snuggles I could get with my favorite guy. 

Since the weather has started warming back up, the family has started all going back to the course together. 

Happy Birthday, Ben. I love you with all my being. I am so blessed and thankful that you are all mine.  LYM 

This song reminds me of you every time I hear it...

Always & Forever. 

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