Our Week Jamming Out, Celebrating Easter, and a Dog Bite.

Hello Monday! Well the kids are back to school and I already miss them like crazy. Like I mentioned on Friday, I am so ready for SUMMER! No schedule, no homework, no packing lunches.... Oh I can't wait. 

But until then, let me recap our weeks. I need y'all to back up to March 29th- April 4th...

Monday, March 29th- 

It was coffee, Jesus, kids to school. I got in a workout...

Then it was home to work on the To-Do List...

Spray pray a bin for Pinners
Work on Price List for Pinners
Work on Price Tags for Pinners
Work on Blog Post
Finish Champagne Flutes
Make Grocery List. 

I picked up Ella, Ian got home from school, When Ben got home from work, we ate dinner and quickly crashed for the evening. 

Tuesday, March 30th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. I rode the Peloton when I got home. Then all the THINGS! Blog post, Pinners Prep, Laundry, Decals.... Etc. 

Once I picked up Ella from school, We headed to Ian's Match. After his match, we went to dinner and grabbed ice cream for the car ride home. 

We JAMMED out to some Trisha on the way home. 

We got home, I did a few housekeeping items, then headed to bed. 

Wednesday, March 31st- 

Again...Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school. I went to workout. 

Then it rained ALL DAY! Good thing I had several blog post to type to prepare for Spring Break. It was a good day to sit at the computer and drink all the coffee. Ian's match got cancelled. So Kathryn came over to hang out with Ian and Taylor came over for a little bit before we took the girls to Youth Group. Then I went to get a spray tan before picking the girls back up. I did manage to send this picture to Leigh Anne that we need these for the lake! Ha 😉

But unfortunately, they wouldn't have gotten here in time so I didn't order them. 

Once I got home from all my mom duties, I settled on the couch to let my spray tan continue to dry while I enjoyed reading my book and a glass of wine. 

Thursday, April 1st-

The kids had a digital day for employees to get their second shot. So it was coffee and Jesus for me. Then I cleaned house, washed sheets, changed the air filter, started orders, all the things....

Ella and I ran a few errands and then went to the nail salon.  The rest of the afternoon was spent around the house while the boys went to Ian's golf match. It was cold and windy so Ella and I didn't go to the match. 

Once the boys got home, we ate dinner and then headed to bed. 

Friday, April 2nd- 

Coffee, Jesus, and another digital day.  I went to work out and my boys headed for a practice round for Ian's tournament on Saturday. 

When I got home, I started working on this...

Then we went to dying eggs. 

We watched HOP. 

Look who joined us...Sweet Bella. 

Crazy selfies before bed. 

Saturday, April 3rd- 

We met my sisters gang at a local church for an egg hunt. While Ben went with Ian to his tournament. 

Sweet Daniel. Heart surgery last week, egg hunting this week. He AMAZES me. 

Sweet Brothers. Easton and Huner. 

I just want to eat his cheeks. 

Ella was so sweet with the boys. 

Saturday afternoon, we went to Ben's aunts for The Bramlett Easter. 

Sunday, April 4th- 

Easter Sunday. The easter bunny waited until 7am to leave baskets. 

After church, we went to lunch at the club and I grabbed a few pictures. 

Then as we were waiting to tee off on hole 1, Ella tries to pet a dog that wondered out of his fence and he didn't like that and took a snap at her leg. I cleaned it up really well with peroxide and neosporin. I asked her if she wanted to leave the course and she didn't. 


She wanted to play and I didn't want to discourage her and make her scared. Plus I knew she was up to date on her tetanus shot. Plus the owner later informed us that the dog was up to date on his shots. 

On the way home from the course, we ran by Urgent care to try and get a dr to look at it but they were closed for Easter. I really didn't feel like it was an emergency so we went home, she showered, I cleaned it out again and applied more neosporin. 

Guess how our Monday morning started out.... Come back Wednesday!! 

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