Our Week with 3 Matches, a Double Eagle, and Pinners.

Hello Monday!! How was your weekend? Mine was GREAT! I finished Pinners late Saturday night and spent yesterday doing all the things. 

I am recapping our week so I hope you will follow along! Plus, link up with us below! 

Monday, April 12th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and kids back to school. I got in a workout and then did all the things for pinners. 

I NEED this. I think it should be EVERY girls motto. 

Great Workout! 

Balloon garland in the making! 

That afternoon, Ben picked Ella up from school and they headed to Ian's match. While I headed to a funeral. (my brother in law's grandmother passed away. I have known their family since I was 5) I met my mom there and after we paid our respects we headed to Emory to see my sister. My brother in law is back in the hospital for a blood clot. But it was so good to see my sister. 

Once I got home, I crashed. 

Tuesday, April 13th- 

Coffee, Jesus, kids off to school. I went to wash my car. Home to ride the Peloton. Y'all I was a mess. 

I went to get my nails done, Target, and Publix. Then home to eat a late lunch, let the dogs potty, pick up Ella and head to Ian's match. 

Then Ian hit a double eagle. That's 2 on a par 5. More rare than a hole in one. #rarebird #albatross

We got home, I cooked dinner, then worked a little bit longer in the craft room before crashing. 

Wednesday, April 14th- 

Coffee, Jesus, kids to school. I went to workout, grabbed a few last minute items from Target and Belk. Then home to do all the last minute things for Pinners. I picked up Ella and we went to Ian's final high school match of the season. He has the Area Tournament today but no more regular school matches. 

At this point in the week I was having a lot of anxiety about my booth at this point in the week so when I saw this it really made me shift my mindset. 

Ian's last high school match of the season. 

I dropped Ella and Taylor off at church  and then I went home to pack my car for PINNERS. Are y'all sick of hearing about Pinners yet?? 

I packed in the balloon garland and didn't end up using it. 

Thursday, April 15th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Peloton, Kids to school and then I headed to the ATL....

I got to the Cobb Galleria around 9:45, checked in, and found my booth...

It went to this....

to this....

When Leigh Anne got there after work, I was pretty much done setting up. We tried to make the balloon arch work but it just wasn't looking right so we took enjoyment on popping all of them. We came up with another idea for next time. 

We got checked into the hotel and walked over to The Battery at Truist Park.  We ate lunch and had a few drinks at The Punch Bowl Social. 

Then walked down to the Park Bench and listened to Dueling Pianos while having another drink. These guys were really good! We really enjoyed it. 

Then it was on to Cru' Wine Bar. It was right up my alley. 

I got Flight No 2- Pretty Fly got a White Wine and Leigh Anne got Flight No. 4 Sweet Child O' Wine. 

LA drinking wine had to be documented. She really liked the Moscato. 

The cutest and yummiest Charcuterie Board. 

Love my Leigh Anne. She is the BEST ever. We had a GREAT evening and enjoyed a GNO. 

However, we were in bed by 9 since my alarm was set for 5:30 AM. 

Friday, April 16th- 


By 9:00, we were ready for the VIP's to enter and regular admission at 10am. 

From what we were told, Friday wasn't busy at all. I did make a few sales but more importantly I met a lot of new people and got to do a lot of networking. Pinners was open from 10-8. by 8:00, we were exhausted and our feet were screaming at us. 

That night we went back to The Battery for a quick dinner and then to the room to CRASH. I did check IG and look who made the Pinnersconf stories......YEP that's ME! 

Saturday, April 17th- 

We were back at the Cobb Galleria by 8 AM for VIPs to enter at 8:30 and general admission at 9:00. Hours for Saturday were 9:00am-7:00pm. 

Craft HTV was a huge sponsor of the conference and shot off confetti cannons all through both days! Look at all the confetti in my booth! We LOVED it. It was so festive. 

We were ready to conquer Day 2. 


and look who came to see us! 

We really enjoyed talking to all the shoppers. 

Not sure what we were talking about here but I promise I didn't look at everyone like this....

We headed home a little after 7 and over all I am very pleased with my FIRST ever Pinners Conference. I didn't sell a lot of products and that's ok. We got to meet lots of people and make connections that I wouldn't have otherwise. We gave out LOTS of business coasters and I collected lots of email addresses to finally start that email list. 😉 

When I got home, my sweet family met me at the garage and we got everything unloaded, I unpacked my bags, started the dishwasher, took a shower, and fell into the bed with an aching body but a grateful heart. I couldn't have pulled off this event without the help of my amazing husband and my bestie Leigh Anne. 

Sunday, April 18th- 

My boys went to play golf (at two different courses), I enjoyed my quiet time and coffee, while Ella and Taylor slept in. We skipped church but thankfully I can catch up online. Then I went to the grocery store before it got busy. 

Then it was home to get my craft room in order, type blog post, catch up laundry, and clean house. 
However, I did end my evening on the back deck with a glass of wine while I grilled dinner. 

Cheers to a new (slower) week. 

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