Our Week with Spring Break, Ben's Birthday, & Top Golf

Hey Hey Wednesday! ! How is your week going?? We are trying to get back into our groove after spring break... 

So let me recap our Staycation for y'all 

Monday, April 5th- 

We started our morning at Urgent Care to make sure Ella's dog bite was ok. He gave us an antibiotics just in case. 

Then she came to workout with me....

Once we got home, these two wanted to cuddle but I had to rush Ella along because her brother was excited to pick up this girl.... 

Kathryn joined us on the course. 

Along with Grammy! 

Love these people. 

But I really love this guy! 

After golf, Ella and Ben headed to PGA and I came home with Ian. Ben and Ella picked up Zaxby's for dinner. 

Tuesday, April 6th- 

We were up so early. We picked up Kathryn at 7:15 and met Grammy at 8 to head to The Dillard House for Breakfast. We continued up the mountain to Sky Valley to play one of Ben's favorite courses. We teed off at 10:40. 

The birthday boy and his 2 kids were very happen. We grabbed dinner at Public House and CRASHED into bed that night. 

Wednesday, April 7th- 

Ben and Ian went to play golf. Wouldn't you think they would be sick of golf by now?? After golf, they came home, got ready and we all went to Top Golf in Midtown but not before I went to work out, grocery shop, and a stop to Ben's office. 

The only time I will beat them at golf... Angry Birds. It was sheer LUCK! 

It was a great afternoon. 

Thursday, April 8th- 

Ben went back to work, Ian went to the golf course, Ella slept in, while I went to the growers outlet, Striplings, and Home Depot. I got all my pots planted and out small raised garden planted. I cleaned house, cut up all the fruit and veggies, did a few loads of laundry. It was a very productive day and I didn't take one picture. 

Friday, April 9th- 

Ben went to work, I went to work out, while Ian and Ella went to Target to get Kathryn a gift. 

After my workout, we went to pick up Kathryn to hang out with Ian. Grammy brought us lunch, and then Ella and I had eye doctor appointments. 

Once we got home, I did a few more things around the house and at 4:55 poured a glass of wine. Close enough to 5:00, huh?? 😉

The rest of the evening, we hung out at home and watched The Masters and The Braves. 

Saturday, April 10th- 

It was Granddaddy's first birthday in Heaven. We miss him so MUCH! MY boys headed to the golf course and Ella and I headed to our downtown area for a local boutique shops anniversary party. We braved the rain. 

We had lunch at Smokey Grigo to plan a lake trip and our girls trip. 

Once we got home, we made a Low Country Boil and hung out with the pups watching The Masters. 

Sunday, April 11th- 

Masters Sunday. Did you miss the bar cart from Friday?  My boys went to the golf course, I went to church with Colleen, and Ella slept in. We watched The Masters, did laundry, and got ready for this busy week. It's PINNERS WEEK!! 

Hope y'all are having a great week!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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