Our Little Garden | Watch Me Grow

Hey Y'all! I hope your week is off to a great start! Over Spring Break, Ella and I planted a very little raised veggie garden. Our original plan was to make a large space in the backyard of several raised beds but y'all that's a lot of work. So we are starting small and will see how it goes this year. The plants have already grown so much in 2 weeks. 

I purchased this raised bed from Home Depot.  It comes with a kit to grow your seeds which we might do next year. 

From left to right, we planted cucumbers, romaine lettuce, bell peppers, and zucchini. 

I know that cucumbers and zucchini grow like a vine so my plan is for them to "vine" up the cages. Is that possible? 


Also I have no idea how to "harvest" romaine lettuce. So I watched this video. 

I love bell peppers so I hope they do well. 

I also love zucchini and have so many recipes that call for zucchini so it would be nice to walk on my back porch and grab one or two! 

I left the original stake in them for knowledge! 

But I WOULD LOVE all your tips and tricks? What veggie food should I use? Did I plant to many veggies in one bed? Are the "vine" veggies going to do well vertical instead of horizontal? 

PLEASE LET ME KNOW IT ALL in the comments below! I plan to share a veggie garden update once a month. I'm basically calling this the trial and error garden! HA 

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