Happy National Left Handers Day

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Happy National Left Handers Day! Funny Story- my mom has 5 grandchildren and 4 are left handed. All three of my sisters kids are lefties. And my sweet Ella is a leftie which just leaves my Ian the lonely right hander in that cousin bunch. 

So I thought it would be fun to ask some of my FAVORITE lefties what some of their FAVORITE products are... 

I asked Ella what some of her FAVORITE school items would be if they were designed for lefties. 
She really hates spiral notebooks because the spiral on the left side hurts her arm. So I found these...

or this cute middle school set

which includes left handed scissors and ruler. Plus 2 Visio pens which have a hooked neck so lefties can see what they are writing. 

This Left Handed mug is really awesome. Ella does love coffee. 

I have talked about how much Ella loves to bake and help in the kitchen. This set of mixing spoons would be perfect. 

I asked my niece, Amber, what she wished she had that was designed just for lefties. She came back with a can opener. 

I found this one...

Look at this measuring cup. 

She told me about this online store just for Lefties. which you can find a lot of their products on Amazon. 

I asked my leftie bestie, Leigh Anne, what she wished was designed for lefties. She immediately came back and said her double kitchen sink. For her, she wished the bigger side and garbage disposal was on the left instead of the right. I think companies should make that an option. 

so if you are a leftie, have children that are lefties, or a spouse, etc. Let us know their FAVORITE Leftie products!! 

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