Scalloping in Steinhatchee with The Boswells

Happy Friday Friends!! I hope everyone had a great week! We survived the first week of school and we are exhausted! 

But today I am sharing our trip to Steinhatchee with one of our favorite families...

Thursday, July 29th- 

We got on the road right at noon and headed south for a long weekend. By that evening, we were enjoying this amazing meal...

It was delicious. We got back to the hotel and the kids headed to their room and the adults headed to the dock. 

We eventually crashed. 

Friday, July 30th- 

We were up and at the dock by 8:30. 

Breakfast on the boats

We saw several Starfish. 

Look at all those scallops. I wouldn't pick them up. 

Bailey snorkeling for the scallops. 

We were all so proud of Ella. She loved snorkeling for the scallops. 

After snorkeling for a while, this guy took a cigar and drink break. 

Leigh Anne 

Leigh Anne and Ian

Rob, Bailey, and Ella

Scalloping is exhausting. 

Each boat was allowed to get 10 gallons of scallops. 

Look how pretty...

I love this sweet man. 

I couldn't stop giggling at this bathroom sign...

We got the scallops cleaned and took some to a local restaurant for them to cook us for dinner. They were AMAZING! We got them grilled, blackened, and fried. 

After dinner, we headed back to the rooms to crash for the evening. but not before hanging out on the dock again. 

Saturday, July 31st- 

We were back to the marina by 8:30. 

Heading back out to the scallops. 

Ian was determined to catch the little fish. 

Brett snorkeling for the scallops. 

by 12:30 my kids were tired...

While Brett was still scalloping. 

Love these 2 like my own. 

my heart. 

and the other half of my heart.

Love my Boswells 

My favorite peeps. 

On the way back to the marina, it started raining and I looked back at these two and found this...

Another successful scalloping day. 

Waiting for dinner at Roy's. 

Love sweet Brett. 

and sweet Bailey 

These girls are the best. 

Beautiful Sunset to end our last night. 

Sunday, August 1st- 

We were up and on the road home by 7:30. We had a great trip and can't wait to go back next year. 

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