Monthly Goals | August 2021

 New Month = New Goals 

August I have high hopes for you because this summer I didn't get much accomplished. 

So with that being said, let's start with A U G U S T goals...


1. Get Back on Track. and by this I mean- lose 5 pounds and start Control Freak. My nutrition has gotten way off track and I need to do something about that. 

2. Mark off 4-5 items from Home Improvement. I updated the home improvement list and I am ready to get busy. 

3. Deep Clean the House. We definitely just kept the house picked up this Summer so it needs a good cleaning and cleaning out. 

4. Date Night or Lunch Date with Ben. I can't wait to spend some one on one time with my main guy. 

5. Lunch with a Friend. Since the kids are going back to school, it's time for lunch dates with my besties. 


1. Go Back to School and Get into a Routine. I seriously can't believe it's that time of year again. 

2. Play in the Member/Member at Legends. Well the boys, the girls get to come to the awards ceremony and dinner. 

3. Host the Annual JGO. Ben started the JGO in memory of his grandfather and it has morphed into a fundraiser for Ian's high school golf team. Which we know would make Ben's grandfather SO HAPPY! 

My Glittery Heart:

1. Get Back on Social Media. If you are not following me on IG and Facebook, make sure you do so. I would greatly appreciate it. 

2. Share our "Taco About Going Back to School" Dinner. This will be our 3rd year and I added a few touches. 

3. Share Ella's Favorite Left Handed Items. National Lefty Day is August 13th and my little left has a few favorite product. 

4. Share the Football Bar Cart. And I am READY for football season and all things Fall. 

5. Share a S'more Recipe. National S'more' Day is August 10th. EEK. I love a good s'more.  

Oh My Glitter: 

1. Photograph the Remaining Items from Pinners. I'm embarrassed that I haven't already finished this task. 

2. Get Back Active on Social Media. Again, if you are not following me, make sure you are... IG and Facebook

3. Sign Up to Be A Vendor. EEK this one SCARES me but I know I'm ready to be a vendor again. 

4. Glitter Wine Glasses. I need to go ahead and glitter wine glasses ahead of time to stay on top of the rush I usually get in the Fall and Christmas. 

Now let's see how I did in J U L Y

J U L Y goals...


✖. Figure out the best way to track my food. I know y'all have to be sick of hearing all about my fitness/nutrition journey but this little space does help keep me accountable. However, I do hope to use this space as a little more accountability. 

✔. Update the Home Improvement List. We have been working on the list but it's time to update it and see if I need to add and/or remove items. YES AND IT FELT SO GOOD 

✔. Delete Pictures on Phone. Again this will forever be a task. YES BUT I STILL HAVE A LOT TO GO THROUGH 


. Celebrate 4th of July at the Lake. We have plans to go to the lake with The Boswell's for a long weekend. YES AND WE HAD A BLAST

. Go on a Girls Trip. We have plans to go to Charleston with Leigh Anne and Bailey. YES AND IT WAS A BLAST AND WE ARE ALREADY LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT YEAR 

. Go Scalloping with The Boswell's. EEK We are so excited to go to Steinhatchee this year. YES

. Go Back to School Shopping. I can't even believe it's this time of year again. YES AND I THINK WE SPENT AN ARM AND A LEG

. Clean out the kids closets and drawers. We need to do this before back to school shopping. YES AND IT FELT SO GOOD 

My Glittery Heart: 

. Share our Summer Memories. I don't have a lot planned for the blog this month except sharing our recaps. YES AND WE ENJOYED OUR SUMMER

. Plan Fall Content. Y'all know how much we love summer but Fall and Winter content is my favorite to plan and share. YES AND I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO IT 

Oh My Glitter: 

. Fill any Orders. It has been super slow this Summer and I'm Ok with it. We have a busy July planned and I intend to be fully present with my family. YES

Here are are few pictures... 

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