DIY Moss Bunny Garland

Today I am going to share with you a DIY Moss Bunny Garland! 

I watched this YouTube video!!


 But instead of the flower I added a Pom Pom tail! 

I'm not very good at taking DIY pictures so bare with me:) 

Here is a list of what you will need: 

Cardboard or use a cereal box.
 (You will not be able to see the cardboard)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Hole punch
Bunny to trace
(see image below)
Sharpie or marker
Pom Pom or you can make your own Pom Pom
with yarn and this Pom Pom maker 
Green paint
Roll of Moss
(I picked mine up in the floral department of Michaels) 
Trash bag

Please note the moss is very very messy, so make sure you cut it over a trash bag or outside!

This is the bunny I used, but a simple google image search you can find a different bunny!

Trace your bunnies on your cardboard and cut out the bunnies! 

I was able to get 6 bunnies out of this roll of moss but I only used 4! 

Then unroll your moss (remember this is the part where it gets messy) 

Either Trace your bunny again or cut a section of moss and cut your bunny out that way 
using the bunny as a guideline!

I just used my bunny as a guideline!

Then hot glue your cardboard bunny to the moss bunny
then cut out another moss bunny 
and hot glue to the back of the bunny!

My Moss Bunny!
Repeat 5 more times:)

All 6 of my Moss Bunnies

I forgot to take pictures of this step 
But either paint a white pom pom green 
(let dry-I let mine dry over night)
make a  pom pom watching this video

I made a white pom pom and painted it green because I wanted it to be "earthy"

Then I punched a hole in his ear and ran twine through my bunnies 

All finished!

This is on my front porch!

Sorry for the horrible pictures

The YouTube video should help a lot!

I really love how my bunnies turned out!

Hope you guys have a great day!

Remember it is....

make sure you have a glass or 2 tonight because 

xoxo, Heather 

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