Happy St. Patrick's Day

This afternoon my plan is to make this craft

I have everything ready to go!

We are also going to enjoy this homemade ice cream for dessert

Vanilla Ice Cream with green toppings!

I will post my pictures later tonight!!

Don't forget to 

Hope you guys have a blessed day!

I will see you back tonight!

xoxo, Heather 

After I picked the kids up from school we headed to Ian's 1st Golf Lesson with Mr. Sean

Ben meet us there, so Ella and I stayed a few minutes 
then headed home to start dinner!

While I was cooking, Ella worked on the craft!

She added "Happy St. Patrick's Day under his hat!

Cutest Little Leprechaun I have ever seen  

So after Ella got finished with her craft, 
I left everything out to see if Ian 
wanted to make one when he got him- 

His answer was a BIG FAT NO :(

However, I said that homemade ice cream was for dessert. 
He was all about the ice cream

He was all about the toppings

Ella had a bowl of ice cream as well but no toppings!

I even managed to get her bunny treat bags ready for tomorrow!

Spring Break is next week, so her class is celebrating Easter tomorrow:)

Have a GREAT Night!

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