Mondays, Mochas, Motivation, & {Mommas}

Oh Monday after Spring Break
you are ROUGH!

The kids and I are looking forward to Summer even more now!

Today's post is going to be about Mommas and Motivation!

I am linking up with Andrea and Erika

This Month's 'Let's Talk' is about Moms!!

Here is a "Pin" that I found and thought it would be great motivation when we think we are doing it all wrong!! 

Read the Blog Post here

Remember it's the little things that add up
like dancing in the car, racing down the grocery aisle, giving eskimo kisses, splashing in a puddle, 
The list I posted has great ideas!
Not to mention that when you actually do these "fun" things, the laughter is contagious!

Here is a glimpse into my journey as a Mother!

The day we told our family we were pregnant with Ian Michael!

My pregnant belly!
Oh I was HUGE!

Ian Michael was born December 5th, 2004

Ian was 4 days LATE! But he was so worth the pain! :)

He was always a happy baby!

Then Ella Marie came along!!

Ella Marie was born October 10th, 2007

She was a happy baby, as well!! 

Here is my blessings from this weekend!

Motherhood is a WILD ride but worth EVERY Moment!!

I think this tumbler is PERFECT!!

Mombie- an exhausted mother who feeds on coffee and survives on wine!

Here is My AWESOME Mom!
The best momma and Grandma Deb! 

I am so thankful for everything that she did for me growing up as a single mother!
The strength and selflessness that she had was AMAZING!

I am so thankful that my kids got her as "Grandma Deb"
She gives them her undivided attention and let's them get away with ANYTHING!
She loves them to pieces!

My Mother in Law!

So thankful that I could become a part of the Bramlett family!
Colleen is one of the kindest people I know!
She loves with her whole heart!
Ian and Ella are blessed to have her as their Grammy!

Happy Monday Friends!

For us it is 

xoxo, Heather 

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