Friday Favorites

I can't believe it is Friday again, but I guess Holiday weeks will to that to ya!! :)

Since it's Friday you know what that means.....I'm linking up with 
Erika, Andrea, and Narci 

Memorial Day Weekend! You can read my weekend recap here! We had the best weekend just spending time together at the lake and pool! Spending time with my FAVORITE people is one of my FAVORITE things to do:)
Duke stayed with Grammy and Granddaddy while we were at the lake! Getting pictures of my rotten dog is most definitely a FAVORITE! 

In case anyone is's really RUFF to be Duke Bramlett!! 

Getting Mani's and Pedi's with my Ella Marie is one of our FAVORITE things to do together!! Ian went home with Grammy Tuesday afternoon while Ella and I headed to guitar lessons...well I didn't know her teacher was out of town...#oops
So no guitar lessons = trip to the nail salon for momma and miss. priss

My Etsy Shop has been on vacation for the past week, so I could get caught up on orders and spend the weekend with my FAVORITES! The overwhelming love and support I have received from you guys is for sure a FAVORITE! I can't thank you guys enough! 
The shop is reopened and ready for orders! 

 We met Ben's parents Wednesday night for dinner at PF Chang's and I LOVE their lettuce wraps! They are my FAVORITE!! The kids and I ran some errands around the mall area! We got finished a few minutes early, so they ran their little hearts out in this little concert area! Burning kid energy is a FAVORITE! 
Ain't nobody got time to keep that energy bottled up!! ;)

Sassy britches! 

Spending time with family is always a FAVORITE! My sister, Stacey, Ian, Ella, and I took my grandparents lunch yesterday! I just love them! 

Paw-Paw and Ella love to play guitar together and listening to them is a FAVORITE!!

I mean just look at them! My Paw-Paw isn't feeling great these days, but he lights up when Ella walks in with her guitar! 

My sister and Ian played his baseball game that he brought to my grandparents! Tonya AKA Ton-Ton is one of his FAVORITE people EVER! He loves going to Ton-Ton's house! 

Some of my FAVORITE people in the world!! 

As a little girl my main goal was to grow taller than Maw-Maw! Every time I saw her, I would have to measure myself against her! Finally one day I passed her! Well as my kids have grown up, they have always wanted to "measure" themselves to Maw-Maw- as you can see Ian is WAY past Maw-Maw and Ella is almost there! Passing down traditions will always be a FAVORITE!! 

Thanks for stopping by and reading some of our FAVORITES this week! 

We are headed to the lake with family! It is sure to be a good time! 

I will be back Monday with a recap of our CRAZY weekend!!

xoxo, Heather


  1. What a great week! So fun to get a pedicure with Ella!! Hope you have a wonderful time at the lake!!

  2. Sounds like a great week! Love the nails! =) I love to go and have mani and pedi's with Emma. It's something we both love! =)
    Have a GREAT weekend!!!!

    1. Girl time at the nail salon is the best!
      Thanks girl!

  3. Stopping by from Friday Favorites... what wonderful memories your daughter will have of playing guitar with her Paw Paw! Love it! Also love the picture of your dog...too cute!

  4. Yes! I hope she treasures those memories forever!
    Thank you for stopping by!!