Life Lately

I still can't believe it is almost JULY! 
In one month, it will be the "night before the 1st day of school" :(

So here is how we have been enjoying every minute of our SUMMER~~ 

This past Friday we spent the day at the pool with some super sweet friends, but I didn't get any pictures:( 
Later that afternoon, Grammy joined us at the pool! 

Ella's friend, Avery Claire spent the night and went with us to the pool and she LOVED the slide! 

Friday night we curled up to watch Adventures in Babysitting 

Saturday morning, Ben played in the Men's Club Championship while I worked on a few 'Oh My Glitter' goodies! 

Then Grammy came and picked up the kids to go swimming and Ben and I pressure washed the house!! #loadsoffun

Sunday, I headed to church solo! But I had Grammy and Granddaddy. Ben and Ian headed to the golf course for the final round of the club championship, Ella went to Addison's house for the afternoon!! 
Sweet Girls enjoying the pool! 

After church, Ben's parents and I headed to the club and to watch the boys come in... 

This picture is priceless 

Later Sunday, we went swimming with The Smith's!! Ella spent the night with Addison and Conyer spent the night with Ian! 

Monday Ella got to hang out with Conyer and Addison's babysitter, Cassie and she thought she was so COOL! Cassie took the girls to Mayfield Dairy to get ice cream. 

Meanwhile, I took the boys to the driving range! 

While the boys hit balls, I walked around the neighborhood 
I'm LOVING my new Apple Watch 

That night we went to eat Mexican for my sister's birthday!! 

Tuesday we went to the dentist and Ian only has 1 baby tooth left:(.

Wednesday we enjoyed the pool with The Hawk's 
Mrs. Hawk was Ian's social studies teacher last year and her and I became fast friends!!! 

Because Summer is for swimming and ice cream! 

Girls Rule!! 

Blakely and Ella! 
I think Blakely went down the slide approximately 1,458 times :). 

We have had the best week! We love Summer!! 

xoxo, Heather


  1. I think if we lived in each other's neighborhood we would be fast friends! I mean you and I have the same thing going on - daughters and sons and spending this summer by the pool and just outside in general! I love it. xo Amanda

    1. Yes ma'am! I believe we would. We love being outside but GA heat requires a body of water!!! :)

  2. That pool looks amazing!!!! And refreshing!!

  3. Well I LOVE all of your life lately posts - and time at the pool, the best!! I am really hoping that is what my weekend looks like! I think I may need a Oh My Glitter goody. Maybe a "surviving on a whole lotta Jesus and a little bit of Spark" water bottle!!

    1. Thank you Leigh! I would love to make you a water bottle! Just let me know.