Weekend Recap

Hello Monday, Hello New Week! 

I hope you guys had a Fantastic weekend! We sure did! We headed to Lake Burton with Family!
If you have read the blog for any length of time you have heard me mention The Eason's a time or two! Sandra is Ben's Dad, Mike's, sister and our 2 families are pretty tight!! 

So Friday afternoon we all arrived at the lake house! After everyone was unpacked and fed....the fun begin! 

Ian and Davis tubing and being little daredevils! Their is almost 4 years between these 2, but they are thick as thieves, 2 peas in a pod, whatever you want to call them! Wherever Ian is Davis is 2 steps behind him!! I love their little bond!! 

After a few hours of tubing and playing in the lake, it was time to fish!! 
But this crew had no luck! ;)

Friday night ended with burgers and hotdog, drinks, and lots of laughter!! 

Saturday morning began with this view~~ Coffee and the Lake = Heaven! 

Soon after coffee and breakfast, it was back on the lake! No time like the present with these fellows! 

But of course the ladies had to grab a few selfies! :)

Mary, Haley, Dixie, and myself~ 

Dixie and I! {notice our Mother-in-loves on the deck}

Sweet Girls getting ready for some tubing fun!! 

Kate, Ava, and Ella! 

Our handsome Captain for the day!!! 
Love my honey! 

Ella and Ava! 

Haley and Mary......Davis and Ian! 

Then Ian had to show off!! ;)

The tubes got to take a short break and the kneeboard came out!! 

Ian makes kneeboarding look so easy! I would never be able to pull myself up! 

I swear Ian was born with gills and I just haven't found them yet! He loves being outside and in the water! Wonder if it has anything to do with the water aerobics I took when I was pregnant with him!  

Later that afternoon, Grammy conducted water aerobics! it was hilarious! The kids were like "this is hard" 
I took water aerobics with Colleen when I was pregnant! 

Saturdays are for Sangria, right?!?!?!

We ended Saturday with BBQ and a boat ride!! 

View from our dock! 

My sweet honey!! aka Ben

Colleen and I! I think this might have been her first selfie!! haha

What a view! 


Ben let Ian have a turn driving!! 

Davis' turn!! 

We had 2 boats going since we had so many peeps, but as you can see I was always on our boat! and the girls were usually on the other boat! So I didn't get as many pictures of them :( 

Sunday morning, we went out for a short tubing trip....then it was chilly and it started raining! 
We soon packed up and headed home! 
We had such a fun weekend and we were sad it had to end! 

But such is life! Back to Reality today!! 

Hope you guys have an awesome day! 

xoxo, Heather 


  1. What an amazingly fun time it looks like you had!! Boating is so much fun, and I wish we did more of it here! Have a great Monday, Heather! =)

    1. It was such a fun weekend!! We love our boat and anytime with family!!
      Have a great day!

  2. What a weekend - and a beautiful view!! Glad you had such a fun weekend with family and friends!!