Hello Monday

Hello Monday!! Today, I am link up with my sweet blogger friend, Johannah for our weekend recap.....

Friday night was our last night of VBS and it was family night! The parents got to see a glimpse of the kids week, then we moved to the back lawn for dinner and bounce houses~~

Ella loves little kids, like truly LOVES them! My friend Stephanie swears she is going to have a dozen babies! Any time she can hold and love on smaller kiddos she is a happy girl!

So this picture is of Ella sitting next to Isabella helping her with the words and hand motion of the VBS songs!! But I think Isabella caught on pretty quickly ;) 


   We were about to leave and these crazies found a pile of ice to play in where the coolers had been dumped out!! :) They were good and hot after jumping in the bounce houses for a solid hour!! 

Saturday morning we just hung around the house working on projects- Ben helped his aunt move a piece of furniture and took the boat back to storage, I started on a few orders, laundry, etc!!

Saturday night, Ben and I dropped the kids off at Grammy and Granddaddy's! Then he and I headed out for date night! We went to Pappadeaux's Seafood Kitchen- it was heavenly!

Then we headed to Legend's for a concert after a Member Guest Tournament. Sean the head pro booked Jobe Fortner for the entertainment! Jobe is an up and coming country artist! He is pretty awesome!! 

Not a great picture of him, but it was an awesome concert! 

Me and Hannah! 

Sunday morning, we headed to church and then Ella and I went to pick up my sister's crew and headed to our dad's for lunch and a visit!! My guys stayed at church and then went to the golf course!! 

As we were getting ready to leave and saying our good byes, Adalie got in on the pictures!! ;) 


Selfie with Aunt Heather 

It was such a fun weekend! After we dropped off my sister's crew, I was exhausted and came home and CRASHED!! 

Hope you guys have an AWESOME week!! 

I'm off to clean, laundry, grocery shopping, etc! You know- all the fun stuff!! ;)

xoxo, Heather 

Don't forget! Our first recipe link up THIS Wednesday!! 



  1. What an awesome weekend!! You are always having so much fun! It's laundry day for me too...womp womp. Ha!!

    1. Awe! Thank you Justine! We really try to have lots of fun! Life is to short not to:)

  2. What a great weekend!! Playing in the ice is hysterical! But a great way to cool off =) Have a great day!!

    1. They were so funny playing in the ice! They loved it!! It's the little things;)

  3. GIRL...Pappadeaux's is our go-to when we're near Atlanta! SO. GOOD. Looking forward to Wednesday's linkup!

    1. Great Go-To Restaurant! It is so good!! Let me know whenever y'all make it to the ATL!

  4. I love that they were playing in the ice. Very resourceful!!!