Show and Tell Tuesday {Pets}

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We are talking about Pets-{Past and Present}

Ben and I closed on our house August 15, 2003 and got our first dog August 18th, 2003~ Got married September 20th, 2003

Tazy Bramlett won the hearts of our whole family and many friends!! 
Tazy was a  loyal, kind, caring, lovable PUG you have ever met in your life! 
He loved us with all his heart! We had Tazy for 10.5 years and NOT one day goes by that I don't miss him! 

This is him the day we lost our "first child"

His knees were giving out. He was going to need a knee replacement, but it was the arthritis that covered his hips that the vet couldn't help:( 

He loved Arby's Big Montana's....So he got the whole sandwich this day!! 

It is still hard to look at this picture and not cry! 
He was 9 weeks old the day we got him!! 
We lost him March 24th, 2014:( 

Since I have tons of pictures of Tazy in my actual scrapbooks, I am going to focus this post on our current pup! 

About 6 months before we lost our sweet Tazy...this guy squirmed his way into our hearts! 


I mean look at those EARS!! 
Duke is a long haired blue merle chihuahua! So he has one blue eye and one brown eye!! 

He was our neighbors dog...but he was no dumbie! He knew the "sucker" (aka: me) that lived next door would love on him, feed him "real" food, hold him, etc! So when they decided that they didn't want a dog anymore....guess who they asked?!?!?! ME! Duke became a "Bramlett" in September 2013

He has been my car pool buddy and side kick ever since! 

The day he lost his "man card" ;)

You can usually find him here
Curled up in my lap!!

You can see his 2 different color eyes in this picture!!

He enjoys chilling on the boat! 

A Boy and his dog! :)

He is even a good sport when his sister dresses him up in her baby doll clothes!! 

He has a really "ruff" life around here! 
So exhausted he can't even make it out of his bed!! HA

Like I said my carpool buddy!! 

He loves going on walks but he HATES his leash! 

He is my 8 lbs of LOVE and I wouldn't trade him for the world!! 

He loves staying with Granddaddy if we are going to be gone for long periods of time! Mike will send me pictures of him!! 

I's just awful to be Duke!! ....NOT

Here is the most recent picture of our rotten pup!

Saturday night on the way home from Grandma's! 

We love our sweet Duke! We can't wait to enjoy many more years with him! 
His Birthday is January 11th, 2013

I can't wait to see your pets! I am such a dog lover! 

xoxo, Heather 

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  1. We have a long hair chi too named Louie. He is all of 6 lbs (considered overweight) hahaha. He is a pistol and your pup reminds me a lot of Louie. They have a personality all of their own. Thanks for sharing on Tuesday Talk today. Good to see you back.

    1. Oh Duke is one of a kind!! He most defiantly has a mind of his own!!

  2. What a sweet pup!! I love his little ears!!