Thirsty Thursday

I can't believe it is already Thursday again friends and we are half way through June! My kids start back to school on August 1st.....this summer is going by WAY to fast for this mommas liking!! 

One of my goals is to always drink ALOT of water, but I am a HORRIBLE water drinker! So I thought I would try some different varieties of water!! 
I know the health benefits of staying hydrated and why our bodies need water! 

 I found these awesome reminders/articles on Pinterest!

I mean we all know how good water is for us and all the reasons why we need water! But let's face it- it's ALWAYS so much easier to grab that sweet tea, diet coke, dr. pepper.....because duh..they taste better! 

So I thought if I made my water tastier,  I would drink more of it! 

So I turned to handy dandy Pinterest for a few fruit infused water ideas!!

These are great to detox with as well! 

How awesome are these summer ice cubes! :)

So far my Yeti has been filled with these combos:
and I can't wait to try the combos I mentioned! 

Strawberries and Blueberries

Lemon and Limes 

Having this super cute decal on my Yeti helps with my water intake :)

I can make you an awesome decal for your Yeti

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I also sell these awesome 22 oz Fruit Infused Tumblers

I hope this inspires you to make sure you are drinking enough h2o:)

What are some of your favorite water combos?!?! 
Sound off in the comments below!! 

Linking up today 

xoxo, Heather