It's the first Wednesday of the month so I'm joining Anne from In Residence for this month's CURRENTLY Link-up!


We currently just traveled to the beach! I can't wait to recap our trip next week!! At the end of the month, Ben and I will be traveling to Nashville for a concert. The kids and I will travel to the beach to visit my sister at some point this summer!! 


We are currently grilling as often as we can. But I have found that my crew is loving grilled fajita chicken. I just use boneless, skinless chicken breast marinated in McCormick fajita seasoning and freshly squeezed lime juice. The longer it marinates the better so I usually marinate the chicken in the morning.  Then we will use the chicken for fajitas, nachos, or burrito bowls. 

(not my picture) 


I am currently exploring with my new Cricut Maker! This machine is just AWESOME! I also got the new knife blade and cut out this flower. I can't wait to explore with fabric next! 


I am currently watching the ferns that I planted about 6 weeks ago grow like crazy. I swear when we were gone last week they really filled out. My neighbor's daughter, Sarah, watered my plants for me when we were gone! Well, she did great because look how big they are! 


Ben and the kids are currently playing as much golf as possible. The boys played twice at the beach. Ella started the summer session of Project Scratch on Monday. Ian has a golf club in his hands as often as possible. While Ella was at Project Scratch, Ian was on the driving range. 

What have you currently been up too??

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