Friday Favorites | New Bench Edition

Happy Friday Friends!! Another week of summer vacation has come and gone and it makes me so sad! This summer is FLYING BY!! We start back to school in a little over 5 weeks. How crazy is that??

Enough with thinking about starting back to school...EEK Let me share a few of our FAVORITES from this week.

Sunday evening, Ella and I tried a new mask. It is L'oreal Pure-Clay exfoliate and refine pores mask. 
I was in desperate need to exfoliate my face with all the sunscreen that I have been applying lately. When I washed this mask off, my face felt so smooth. Then I applied my Rosehip oil.  Having a clean and smooth face is always a FAVORITE! 

Monday mornings are quickly becoming a new FAVORITE routine. Ella has her Project Scratch and Ian usually hits balls at the driving range so I get some cardio in by walking around the neighborhood while I listen to a podcast. 
My FAVORITE podcasts are Goal Digger, Dais Podcast, and The Big Boo Podcast! 

Tuesday afternoon, Ella and I played one of our FAVORITE board games, Clue! Spending time with this girl is always a FAVORITE!! 

My morning quiet time in my quiet corner with Jesus, Coffee, and Yogurt will always be a FAVORITE! Weight Watcher friends it is 3SP

Last Sunday, my sweet mother-in-law bought me this bench for my entryway! I LOVE IT!! It was on sale and then we had a 20% off coupon! SCORE! It is a FAVORITE for sure!! We are taking a road trip to Southern with Grace again tomorrow! I can't wait to see if I can find some fun new pillows to go on it! 

As a maker, I try to work a season ahead so that I'm ready for shoppers! Right now, I am working on new fall products for the shop! This football glass is a new FAVORITE, for sure! I have already gotten an order for it and I haven't even listed it in the shop yet!! 

What are some of your FAVORITES from this week?? 

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