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Hey Friends! I am so sorry I didn't get a post up Friday but last week was just weird. I just felt "off" Does that make sense? And this whole dishwasher/floor issue is just throwing me all off! For 2 days, I had floor people, dishwasher people, etc in and out of my house. I really hope to have this issue resolved SOON!!!!!!!! But I shouldn't complain because we are all healthy, happy, and loving SUMMER!!!

Anywho, I hope you will grab our graphic and join us!! Make sure you link up below... I normally share our weekend recap on Monday's but today I am sharing a little bit of life lately.

Tuesday morning, My sweet Ella surprised me with these pancakes! I love her sweet heart!! She really does have a heart of gold! 

Tuesday evening, the 2 pups looked like this...

My sister and brother in law LOVE to camp. They are huge campers and go camping every chance they get. Well, this summer they are campground host at St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach. My mom and my sister do not have iPhones to face time so we use Facebook messenger to see each other! We had SO MUCH FUN WITH THE FILTERS! Mom was at work, my sister, Tonya, is laying on the beach, and I'm in my kitchen! HA We laughed so hard!! 

Wednesday evening, I had GNO with two of my favorite people. Stephanie and Meredith! We went to  Local Station, laughed way to hard, enjoyed a few adult beverages but it was so good for my soul! 

Thursday evening, Ian was presented with his award for his team winning the middle school league for golf! These boys played so well! So proud! 

After he got his award, we went to Longhorn's for dinner! Yum! 

Friday evening, Ella hung out at the neighbor's house while me, Ben, and Ian went to a local gas station/meat market to fill up the boat with gas and buy bacon cheddar burgers for Father's Day! On our way there it came a DOWNPOUR but right before we got to our destination it stopped and look what we saw...

Saturday morning, the 4 of us loaded up and headed to the lake for the day! 

The jumped into the water for a while.

We hung out and floated...

Finally, our handsome captain took the kids tubing...

She was trying to "floss" and tub at the same time!! 🙄

After tubing for a while, we found a cove to play in. The kids threw a tennis ball for a while, I sat on the back of the boat, while Ben sat on the tub and enjoyed a cigar. 

For Father's Day, we gave Ben a new cigar cutter. It's a V shape cutter. I was clueless but knew he had been wanting one. Apparently, this cutter cuts the end of the cigar into a V shape instead of straight across. 

See the V at the end of the cigar. If you have a cigar smoker in your life apparently this cutter is really cool to have so you can find it here if you ever need to get them a gift! 

Sunday morning, my boys headed to the golf course. Ella and I took it slow. Then Grammy came over for a visit. Later that afternoon, we grilled out burgers for our man guy! 
We lounged around the rest of the afternoon watching the US Open and all fell into bed really early! 

What have you been up to lately??

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