Weekend Recap | Road Trip Edition

Happy Monday!! I'm not so sad about this Monday because Ben and I are headed off on a little getaway this afternoon! Make sure you are following me in IG to follow along!!

I hope you will grab our graphic and join us for Hello Monday!!

Thursday night we went to our local liquor store for a wine tasting. We got to taste 5 wines from Ammunition Wine.  We got to sample 5-2oz pours. We sampled a Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, A Red Blend, and a Cabernet. Our favorites were the Chardonnay and the Red Blend. We bought a bottle of each. Both, Ben and I, are not big Chardonnay drinkers because we do not like the "oak" taste. Ammunition makes their chardonnay in a stainless steel tank so there is no "oak" taste! 

After the wine tasting, we went home and enjoyed another glass of the chardonnay on the back deck. The kids spent the night with friends so we had a kid-free evening.

Friday morning, I went to workout then got a manicure and pedicure.

Around lunchtime, I picked up Ian and Ella along with Conyer and Addison and we hit the pool for a few hours! 

That evening, I made tacos for dinner and we just chilled! 

Saturday morning, we were up bright and early. The boys went tot he golf course, while the girls took a road trip to Southern with Grace again. 

Here were are waiting to get in with our bag swag of goodies that the 1st 100 people in line recieved!! 

Believe it or not, I didn't buy ONE thing! I found several things that I liked but I didn't LOVE anything!! The other girls, however, racked up and we had to "pack" stuff in the car! 

Kim bought a ladder and we had to make it straddle Colleen's head to make it fit!! 😉

This is how Grammy had to ride home. She is such a trooper!! We had the BEST time and laughed so hard all day long!! 

Later that evening, myself, Ella, Addison, and Stephanie met Ben and Jud for Mexican while Ian and Conyer were at a birthday party! After dinner, we went to hang out at the party for a little while before we came home and CRASHED!! 

Sunday morning, my guys hit the golf course again while Ella and I took it slow. I cleaned house, caught up on laundry, finished a few Etsy orders all before we met the guys at the pool for the rest of the day!! 

It was a fun weekend!! The kids are staying with Grammy and Granddaddy while Ben and I are away on our little getaway so I know their fun will continue!! 

What's something fun you did this weekend??

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