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Happy Friday Y'all! 

During my weekly recaps, y'all have seen me ride my Peloton over and over again. So I thought it would be fun to share some of my FAVORITE Peloton accessories.  Ben and I purchased our Peloton (which is the OG Bike) back in 2020 just a month before the world shut down. The Lord knew I would need this bike for my mental health. 

Amazon Favorites....

This tray is awesome. It's great for a laptop if you just want to just "ride." However, I DO NOT drink my coffee and ride the peloton! HA 

I own it and love it! 

Our Peloton is in our room and we do have a ceiling fan but this little fan is small and mighty. It's amazing. 

I own it and love it. 

Phone holder. It is great for holding my phone and scrolling IG. 😜

I just purchased these hooks for our Peloton shoes. 

Here are some Etsy finds. 

If you have a workout space this is a great wall shelf for all your Peloton needs. 

I love these stickers for my bike to show fitness milestones. 

If I had a workout room, I would most definitely have this Peloton sign. 

I love this iPad holder. 

When I do not want to ride or workout,  (which I often just skip it but trying to change that) I need to remember that I get to MOVE MY BODY. I have the ability to move my body and that is a gift. This bracelet would be a great reminder

If you have a cutting machine, you can cut your own milestone stickers with this SVG. 

What are some of your favorite workout items? 

Cheers to the weekend friends.

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