Our Week with New Year's Day, Nate Smith Concert, Wedding Dress Shopping, and Ian going back to College.

Happy Wednesday Y'all! I hope your week is going well. We are trying to get back into a routine from Christmas break but since it's my birthday week and I am doing all the celebrating my routine may just have to start back next week. 

I am recapping last week and this past weekend. 

Monday, January 1st- New Year's Day. 

Coffee and Jesus. Then we just enjoyed a slow morning before I got busy riding the peloton, a few loads of laundry, and the boys went to the golf course. 

LaneBreak was a fun ride. 

We ordered mexican for dinner and Ella went to pick it up! We ate, showered, and went to bed early. 

Tuesday, January 2nd- 

I woke up with a sore throat, took some motrin, and went back to bed. Trixie was not mad about it. 

Eventually, we got up, coffee and Jesus, and then headed to Ben's office. We went to lunch at our favorite mexican restaurant by Ben's office. 

We came home, I worked on 2 orders, made tacos for dinner, cleaned the kitchen, showered, and went to bed. 

Wednesday, January 3rd- 

Coffee and Jesus. Then Ella and I got ready and we headed to have lunch with my mom and sister at Local Station in Braselton. 

On the way home, I ran a few errands. We got home, chilled, and then I made panini's for dinner. 

Thursday, January 4th- 

Coffee and Jesus. I enjoyed a slow and quiet morning. Ian headed to the golf course. Where him and Ben had a 12:40 tee time. 

When the boys got home, Ben and I got ready and we headed to Athens for dinner and the Nate Smith concert at The Georgia Theater. It was an amazing concert. 

We got home a little after 11PM. 

Friday, January 5th- 

Ben headed to work while Ella and I got ready and went wedding dress shopping with this girl.....

Bailey wasn't loving any dress that she had tried on at this point. So after asking a few more questions, the owner of Carrie's Bridal- Carrie herself, they were able to create the perfect dress for Bailey. Because they do all their designs in house they have the ability to "make" the perfect dress. At one point, Bailey literally had 2.5 wedding dresses "pinned" to her to make her the PERFECT wedding dress. I can't wait to see the finish product because I know it is going to be AMAZING! So if you are local and looking for a wedding dress this shop is PERFECT!!! 

When we got home, we rested and then headed to Talia's to say see you later to this guy. He headed to Germany for 3 years to serve in our Air Force. We are so proud of Toby. 

We got home and everyone pretty much crashed. 

Saturday, January 6th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Another slow morning. Boys headed to the course after the rain stopped, I went grocery shopping, and Ella and Kathryn went to Sky Zone to burn off some energy. When I got home, I finished a few blog post, cooked dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, showered, and crashed. 

I did enjoy a glass of wine by the fire. 

Sunday, January 7th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella and I got ready and headed to church. Ella really loves a different church that is not our home church so I decided to join her and it was a GREAT message. Her and I went to lunch while the boys went to PGA Superstore and to get Ian set up to go back to college. 

Ella and I got home, she headed to the nail salon and to Target while I got busy cleaning out the pantry, fridge, and freezer. 

We got Ian all packed and headed back to LaGrange 😭 then myself, Ben, and Ella headed to Buffalo's for dinner. We ran to WalMart to grab some organization bins. 

We got home, I finished some more laundry, organized the "coffee" cabinet, showered, read in my book, and then CRASHED! 

I can't believe our break is over and we have started a new year. 

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