Our Week with Appointments, Meetings, and Sea Island.

 Hey Y'all! Hope your week has started off well. I am playing catch up after being gone for a long weekend! I am recapping last week and this weekend. 

Monday, January 22nd- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella headed to school and I headed to my 8:30 hair appointment. I got finished around 11, dropped off a bag to GoodWill, dropped off some things to LA and headed to Legends to drop off a few attire books and to have lunch. I needed to run to the Mall of Georgia for a few things and then grocery shopping!! 

Ella got home from school and I got home shortly after her. We unloaded groceries, I cooked catalina chicken and green beans for dinner, and made this snack....

They were actually really good. 

After everything was cleaned up, I showered, got in my jammies, curled up on the couch with some wine, read a few chapters, and by 9 was crawling into bed. 

Tuesday, January 23rd- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella off to school. I got ready and headed to my mammogram appointment at 9:20. Then I had a pedicure at 10am, grabbed lunch at CFA, dropped off medicine and a Dr. Pepper to Ella at school, ran home to eat, and by 12:30, I was heading to The Oasis for a meeting at 1PM. I got home around 3:30, unloaded the dishwasher, did a few other things, then Ella and I met Ben at El Real for dinner around 5PM. Then her and I headed to her school for a dual enrollment meeting. When we got home, I got everything added to my calendar for both kids golf seasons, school schedules for the semester, dates for The Oasis, etc. My head was spinning. After all of that I put on my pjs, washed my face, poured a glass of wine, and finished my book. 

But my morning started with this view of sweet Duke. 


Wednesday, January 24th- 

I woke up late and thankfully Ella was already up. I let the dogs out, fed the dogs, made Ella's lunch and breakfast, then poured a cup of coffee for my quiet time. I left the house around 10AM to pick up my WalMart order, ran to Publix to pick up Ben's medicine, ran my car through the carwash when there was a break in the rain. 

When I got home, I unloaded groceries, started laundry, made dog food, and started a new book. I was hooked so I wasn't productive for a while! HA 

Ben got home early. I folded laundry, started another load of laundry , made more air fryer chickpeas, I finished a blog post, started this one, and finished tomorrow's post. I got the dogs medicine ready for the kids to give them, and then packed. While Ella and Ben headed to Addison's basketball game. 

I feel like a drug dealer when I am getting the dogs medicine ready when I am away....

Once I got everything done and my alarm set for 3AM, I curled into bed and read for a little bit before I crashed. 

Thursday, January 25th- 

My alarm went off at 3AM. I weighed in, gave myself my eczema shot, did my quiet time, let the dogs out, fed them, made Ella's lunch, got ready, packed my last minute items, and were on the road to Sea Island by 6AM. 

We were crossing over the bridge to St. Simons around 11 but traffic was bumper to bumper. There was a really bad accident around 6:30 that morning and the bridge was shut down for 3 hours. 

We were pulling into The Lodge around 11:30. We got checked in and then headed to The Pool House for some lunch. Then Ben warmed up and we went out for his practice round. 

View from our room. 

After his round, we got to the room to unpack, chill, freshen up and then we went down to The Oak Room for dinner and drinks. 

By 6:45, I was in the bath with an espresso martini. It was HEAVENLY! 

We were lights out, TV off, by 7:30. We were EXHAUSTED from that dang 3AM alarm. 

Friday, January 26th- 

Ben was up and ready by 6:30, he headed down to warm up and practice before his 8:30 tee time. He was playing on The Retreat course. 

I slowly woke up, got dressed, and headed to breakfast at The Cloister. I had a spa appointment at 10:30 but enjoyed the spa amenities beforehand. 

Breakfast, of course, included a mimosa. 

After the spa, I went to The Beach Club for a little shopping and then stopped at the pool bar for a glass of wine while I waited for Ben to finish up playing his round of golf. 

Once he was finished, I took the shuttle back to The Lodge and we met for a quick bite to eat and a drink. 

We got back to the room, chilled, and then took showers to get ready to head back down to The Oak room for dinner. But before dinner, we sat outside to enjoy a drink, Ben a cigar, and to listen to the bagpiper. 

Love my new Enewton bracelet. 

Love this sweet man. 

After dinner, we headed back up to the room and I think we made it to 8PM this night! HA Party Animals. 

Saturday, January 27th- 

We headed down for breakfast around 7:15. Ben's tee time was at 9:30. After breakfast, Ben headed out to warm up and I chilled in The Lodge, caught up on my reading, and then enjoyed a mimosa before catching Ben on his back 9. 

I love all the spanish moss here. 

Enjoying a high noon with my Harbour Town koozie while walking The Plantation at Sea Island! HA 

The weather was AMAZING! 

Saw several gators. 

We got back to the room and chilled. Still love this view from our room. 

We got ready and headed to Crabdaddy's for dinner. I had grilled shrimp and Ben had the fried shrimp. We got to our hotel and I got a espresso martini to take back to the room, got ready for bed, and enjoyed it while Ben watched golf. We turned the TV off as soon as we knew the kids were in for the evening around 8:45. 

Sunday, January 28th- 

Ben was up and headed down to warm up and practice around 6:45. He was already packed up so I slowly woke up, got ready, packed, called a bellhop, grabbed breakfast, and checked out of our room. Ben's tee time was at 8:34 so my plan was to catch him on the back nine. I walked one hole and y'all the wind was INSANE. so I went back to The Lodge and watched Ben on the app. 

Ella sent these pictures to me of sweet Trixie. She was missing her mama. 

The kids cleaned the house, did their laundry, did the dishes, and gathered the trash. They were AWESOME! Ben and I were on the road around 2:30. He tied for 3rd place. 

Ian headed back to LaGrange around 4:30 got back around 6:30, and we got home a little after 7PM. We unloaded the car, unpacked our bags, started a load of laundry, started the dishwasher, showered, and curled up on the couch to make my grocery list. I was crawling into bed around 9:45. Apparently I stay awake long at home! HA 

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