Our Week with Lunch Dates and Dermatologist Appointment

Hello Monday! How was your weekend? It was freezing here. I am recapping our week and weekend. 

Monday, January 15th- MLK Day- 

The kids were out of school. We enjoyed a slow morning. I enjoyed my coffee and quiet time. Ian followed me to drop off my car to be serviced. Then we got ready and went to meet Ben and a few of his sales reps for lunch. 
We picked up my car on the way home, I stopped by Target, got home, cleaned house, laundry, and then got Ian packed back up to head back to college. 

I made my meal plan, grocery list, and meal prepped. I love these cups. 

By the end of the night this is about what Trixie and I looked like.....

Tuesday, January 16th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella off to school. I slowly got ready and headed to help my sister. They are staying at her sister in laws. Since they got everything cleaned out, I was able to take back some boxes to store back at their house. I did a few Amazon returns for her, ran to the grocery store, and got home right after Ella. We unloaded groceries. Then her and Ben went to a basketball game. I worked on a few blog post and then built a fire and enjoyed some wine. 

Ben and Ella got home around 10:15 and shortly after we all crashed. 

Wednesday, January 17th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ella off to school. I stayed in my pjs until I got ready to head to lunch with Leigh Anne for lunch. Before lunch, I set my planner up for the rest of the week and next week. I did manage to get a few loads of laundry done. 

After I got home from lunch with LA. I got back on the computer to work on a few more blog post. 

Eventually, I went downstairs, built a fire, poured a glass of wine, and just chilled. Ben had gone for drinks with a co-worker after work and neither Ella or I were really hungry so we just snacked for dinner. 

Still loving these festive glasses from Hobby Lobby. 

Thursday, January 18th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella off to school. Then I got ready and headed to my dermatologist appointment. I had 2 spots removed and sent off to be biopsied. Then I met my friend, Anita, for lunch at a nearby mexican restaurant. It was good to catch up with her. On my way home, I ran to Publix. Got home and chilled for a minute before doing a few house chores. Ella got home, I started this post, and then went downstairs to build a fire, pour a glass of wine, and call it a night!! 

My snuggle buddy was right beside me. 

Friday, January 19th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella slept in because she wasn't feeling great. A crew showed up to replace our fence. I cleaned out the hall closet and Ella headed to school for 3rd and 4th period. 

Ian got home after having lunch with Ben and picking up Kathryn. I picked up a few groceries. When Ben got home, him and Ella headed to Addison's basketball in Athens. While Ian grilled Kathryn and I burgers for dinner. He saw a burger on IG and wanted to recreate it. I made oven fries to go with it. 

We cleaned up the dishes. I curled up on the couch with a fire and wine. Then Ian and Kathryn went to Menchie's for ice cream (They were crazy in my opinion), then to Kathryn's sisters house to visit the kids, and then ran to Kathryn's before they got back to our house. Once they were in, I went to bed and CRASHED! Ben and Ella got home around 11 and I didn't even hear them come in. 

Saturday, January 20th- 

We all slept in. I made coffee and then the guys and I headed to Chipotle for lunch, then to Nine Golf for them to get some practice in. While they started I ran to Kendra Scott to get a link taken out of my Apple Watch Band. Then back to watch them. We finished up at Nine Golf around 2 and headed home. Ian was hungry when we got home so he grilled himself a steak and made a pan of bacon. He was so proud of all his cooking for himself this weekend! 😉 

Ella went to lunch and shopping with LB and then to see Mean Girls. Later they all spent the night at Addison's. 

I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening doing Ian's laundry, worked on blog post, paid a few bills, finished a book, and started new one. 

Sunday, January 21st- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella got home and fell asleep on the couch. Ian slept in and Ben was having a gout flare up so he pretty much stayed in bed all day! I cleaned house, finished all the laundry, took a nap, Ella went to the nail salon, and around 6PM Ian headed back to college. I finished this post, took a shower, printed off orders that came in this weekend, and then curled up on the couch until Ian was back at college, and then I CRASHED! 

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