Our Week with Ella's Match, Staying with My Sister, and Celebrating Ben

Hey Y'all! Happy Wednesday! How is your day going?? 

Monday, April 8th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Then I got busy doing all the house chores. It was an optional digital day for Ella so she stayed home. 
We left around 2:30 to head to Ella's golf match in Monroe. Right as they were teeing off the Eclipse was happening. A parent had glasses so I looked really quick and this is what I saw. SO COOL. (I got this image from google.) 

After Ella's match, she headed to Young Life and Ben and I went to eat dinner at Tacos and Beer in Downtown Monroe. 

We shared fajitas and had a couple of drinks. 

Once we got home, I got ready for bed, and waited for Ella to get home before crashing. 

Tuesday, April 9th- 

Got Ella off to school. Then I sat down with my coffee and quiet time.  My quiet time got cut short to take something to Ben's office because he was driving down to LaGrange to take stuff to Ian. 

I went to my nail appointment and by the time that was over, I felt awful. My head was hurting so bad that I felt sick to my stomach. I got home, ate lunch, and took a nap. Once I got up, I felt a lot better so I did a few things around the house. Then I met Ben and Ella for dinner at Jersey Mike's. I came home, showered, got ready for bed, and headed to my sisters to spend the night with her. 

Wednesday, April 10th- 

Tonya and I slept in, I had coffee in bed, and then eventually went home to run a few errands. I met Ben and Ella at Legends for her to practice and then we had dinner there. Ben and Ella headed home and I went back to my sisters house to spend the night with her. 

But look who enjoyed us sleeping in.....

Phyllis. She is a mess. 

Love this view of 2 of my favorite people. 

Thursday, April 11th- 

Tonya and I slept in a little bit but we got up and moving. I went home to get ready while my sister was getting ready. Our mom picked up Tonya a little after 12 and we met for lunch around 12:45 at Friends. After lunch we went to Kirklands and Bath and Body Works before I needed to take Trixie to her 3:45 vet pre-op appointment. She has an appointment to get her teeth cleaned on April 22nd. 

Poor Trixe. 

Meanwhile, Ian was in LaGrange getting cupping done for his back. 

About an hour after the cupping. 

His back is so TIGHT and it hurts so bad. He did get some relief from the cupping. 

Once I got home from Trixie's appointment, I worked on the blog and laundry. 

Friday, April 12th-

Ella off to school and Ben to the office. Coffee and Jesus. I made my grocery list and headed to Publix.  I did some cleaning and more blog work while Ben and Ian met Ella at the golf course. Ian had to just watch. 
Once they got home, I made quesadillas for dinner before we all crashed. I did manage to get The Masters Golf Cart finished. 

Saturday, April 13th- 

Ben and Ella headed to the golf course. I headed to my chair for coffee and Jesus time. Afterwards, I did all the things to get ready for people to come over to celebrate Ben. 

Happy Birthday a week later Ben. 

We all had a great time hanging out, catching up, and being together. 

Sunday, April 14th- 

Ben, Ella, and I headed to Legends for breakfast and then headed to Apple Mountain for her practice round for her area tournament. After the girls practice round, we all headed to Coaches lake house for an evening of fun with the girls. 

We enjoyed a boat ride and then grilled burgers for dinner. Ben and I left the lake house around 8:30. Got home around 9:45. Showered, took the trash to the street, started coffee for the next morning, emptied the dishwasher, and CRASHED into bed. 

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