Our Week with Trixie's Teeth Cleaning, Ella at FFA Convention, and the Spa.

Hey Y'all! Happy Tuesday! I hope your week has started off well. I am recapping last week and this past weekend. 

Monday, April 22nd- 

Ben to the office, Ella to school, and I dropped Trixie off to get her teeth cleaned. I got home, enjoyed my coffee, and quiet time. I also hopped on the Peloton. 

I did several things around the house while Trixie was at the vet to keep myself busy. I was worried about her. I got a call around 11:30 that Trixie was finished and did great. I could pick up her around 2:15. 

I was there at 2PM. 

Look at poor Trixie....

Kathryn brought her over a pup cup and she wouldn't eat anything until later that evening. She finally ate her pup cup around 9PM. 

We crashed after a crazy day once Ella got home from Young Life. 

Tuesday, April 23rd- 

Ben to the office, Ella off to school, and then I enjoyed my coffee and quiet time. I went for a walk around the neighborhood with my neighbor, Keri. 

I did some computer work and then headed to my nail appointment at 12pm. 

But look at cute Trixie. See the spot on her arm where they had to shave it for her IV?? 

After my nail appointment, I ran a bunch of errands. Amazon returns, returns to Belk, Target, etc. 

I got home and started cooking dinner. Cleaned up, showered, and enjoyed a quiet evening. 

Wednesday, April 24th- 

Ben to the office, Ella slept in because she didn't have to be at school until 9:30 to leave for Macon for their FFA convention. 

But look who else was enjoying a quiet morning. These 2 usually never lay in the same bed together. 

I dropped Ella off at school and came home to ride on the Peloton. Trixie is always so motivational when I am riding on the Peloton. 😉

I got ready and headed to Legends for a late lunch then met Ben at the Lexus dealership to drop off Ella's car to be serviced while she was gone on her trip. Afterwards, we stopped at Ben's office and then headed to his President's dinner at the Rooftop on the Westin by his office. We got home around 8PM and pretty much crashed. 

Thursday, April 25th- 

Ben to the office, I took care of the dogs, coffee and quiet time. Then I headed to the spa for a massage and lunch. It was AMAZING!! 

I checked facebook and saw this picture of the FFA doing their serve and learn project of painting a lady's house. 

I got home, showered, and headed to Legends to finalize food for the YL tournament. My plan was to ride with Ben after my meeting while he played but he got a call and he needed to go help his mom. After that he had a problem at a costumers office so I headed home, blogged, and read. He got home around 9PM, I crashed, and he watched 2 episodes of Suits. 

Friday, April 26th- 

We were up early for Ben to drop me off at the dealership to pick up Ella's car and then I drove it home. I enjoyed more coffee and quiet time. My sister got to my house and we headed to LaGrange to pack up as much as we could of Ian's dorm room. We went to lunch and to Publix to get items for his tournament. My sister and I were back on the road home around 1PM. We got back to my house around 3:15. 

We unloaded my car, my sister headed home, Ben got home, and then he went out to regrip his clubs and I poured a glass of wine. 

We decided to head to The View for dinner and drinks. We had Churros for dessert. YUM! 

Saturday, April 27th- 

We got up, enjoyed coffee in bed, and then headed to Legends for breakfast. We stopped by his mom's and PGA Superstore. 

We got home and then Ben went to play golf at Monroe Country Club. Once Ben left, I took pictures of the bar cart. 

I worked on my planner and blog post. Once Ella got back to the school, I went to pick her up and we headed to El Real for dinner because she was starving. 

We got home and chilled the rest of the evening. 

Ian got completely out of his dorm before he headed to Dalton to play in the CCS Championship with his team. I can't believe his freshman year of college is OVER. 

Sunday, April 28th- 

We were up and heading to Legends for breakfast and golf. Grammy and I watched Ben, Ella, and Chris play. After they played, we stayed up there for a late lunch/early dinner before heading home to do all the things to get ready for a new week. Ella went to play pickle ball with some friends. Once she got home, I crashed. 

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