Our Week with A Golf Tournament, Ian's Spring Break, and Easter.

Hey Y'all! Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a great start. I am recapping last week and weekend. 

Monday, March 25th- 

Ben to the office, I got up, took care of the pups, and you know it! I curled up in my chair for coffee and Jesus. 

Ian and Ella started waking up and we all got ready to head to LaGrange for Ella's golf tournament. We left around 10am because she needed to be at The Fields by 12:30. We got there a little early. Ella started warming up and we enjoyed being with our golf family. 

They got lunch around 1:15. 

It was a shotgun start at 2:30. 

After Ella's tournament, we went to dinner at Karvela's in LaGrange. We got home at 10:20 PM. We unloaded, showered, and literally crawled into bed. 

Tuesday, March 26th- 

Ben to the office, I got up and took care of the pups. Ella left early to go to CFA for breakfast while the pups and I enjoyed a SLOW morning. 

Ian and I got ready and headed to visit my sister and brother in law. Ian sure does love Phyllis. I think the feeling is mutual. 

We left there around 2 PM and I dropped Ian off at Kathryn's sisters house to Kathryn. Kathryn's sister lives about 2 minutes from my sisters house. 

I went to Publix to grab stuff for mexican for dinner. Ella got home from school and crashed in her bed. She was exhausted. Ian got home shortly after Ella and basically did the same while I worked on the computer. Ian went to Kathryn's house for dinner and Ben went out for drinks with a few coworkers! I worked on the computer for a while. Ella cleaned up her room, the boys got home, I curled up on the couch, and eventually made my way upstairs to bed. 

Wednesday, March 27th- 

Ben to the office, I slept in till 7AM when Ella needed to get up, I fixed her lunch and breakfast. She left for school and I curled up with my coffee and Jesus time. Ian went to the golf course and I went to Ella's plant sale. I stopped by the liquor store and the ATM. I got home and ate an early lunch. I did a clean sweep of the house. Our yard guy got here to cut grass and put out new pine straw. I pretty much spent the rest of the day on the computer doing all the things while switching out all the laundry. 

The pups were loving that I wasn't moving. 


After school, Ella went to practice. She got home, changed, ate dinner, and went to an egg hunt at a local church. 

Ben got home from work, chilled, and ate dinner. Ian got home, ate dinner, and then my boys went to the back deck to smoke a cigar. 

But look what our Ian accomplished....

Once Ella got home, we all pretty much crashed. 

Thursday, March 28th- 

Ben off to the office, I got up, took care of the pups, got Ella's lunch packed, and her out the door. I got ready and headed to meet Ian, Kathryn, My mom, and Gary for breakfast. After breakfast, Ian and Kathryn went to the golf course and I went to visit my sister and brother in law. Bonus that my niece was there! I go home and about 30 minutes later headed to Ella's golf match. 

After Ella's match, we headed to mexican for dinner. We got home and I gave Ian and Kathryn their Easter baskets. 

Then we all crashed. 

Friday, March 29th- 

Ben to the office, I took care of the pups, got Ella off to school, and I settled in my chair for coffee and Jesus time. 

I threw myself together and I went to the growers outlet for my ferns, Home Depot for some more plants and pots, Ian got packed up and headed back to college because he had a practice round on Saturday. I planted my pots. I hope to share my porch next week. 

I got ready and Ben and I went to diner at Latin Flavors. Ella went to spend the night with Laney Brook. 

When Ben and I got home, he took Benadryl, and crashed. I curled up on the couch to read.

Saturday, March 30th- 

We slept in, coffee and Jesus time, Ella got home, and I got busy getting everything ready for our Easter celebrations. 

Trixie was enjoying the sunshine. 

I folded laundry and had a pile to take to Ian's room but look who made herself comfortable on said pile of clean clothes. 

We went to Ben's aunt's house for The Bramlett Easter celebration and this is the only 2 pictures I took. 

Keith and Ben. 

Steven and Ben. 

On the way home from Debbie's we stopped by the Mall of Georgia for Ella to get some new clothes. We got home and I got busy finishing get everything together for Sunday. 

Sunday, March 31st- Easter 

We got up and headed to church. But before I gave Ella her Easter basket. 

After church, we headed to my sisters house for lunch and an egg hunt for the boys. 

We missed Ian. Ben and Ella left my sisters house around 2:30 to head to the golf course and I got home a little before 5PM. 

I unloaded the car, made dinner, did 2 loads of laundry, cleaned out the fridge, and took the trash to the street. 

Then the rest of the evening looked like this.....

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