Our Week with Spring Break, Trip to LaGrange, and Losing Our Stacey.

Hey Y'all! Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a great start. I am recapping last week and weekend. 

Monday, April 1st- 

It was Ella's first day of spring break and Ian's last day of his spring break. Ian was in Alabama playing in a golf tournament. 

It was coffee and Jesus for me after taking care of the pups. Ben headed to the office. Around 9:30, Leigh Anne and Bailey picked Ella and I up to head to the Yellow River Game Ranch. 

We had SO MUCH fun. Afterwards we went to eat mexican, ran by a bridal shop, and then they dropped us off at home. 

I worked on the blog, cooked dinner, and crashed. 

Tuesday, April 2nd- 

Ben left the house around 5AM to go watch Ian play in Alabama. I got up and enjoyed my coffee and quiet time. 
Ella got up and we headed to the mall to look for her a bridesmaid dress and we had SUCCESS. We ate lunch at Olive Garden. 

Once we got home, I blogged some more, we ate leftovers for dinner, and Ben got home around 7:30. Ella went to play pickle ball with her friends. 

Wednesday, April 3rd- 

Ben to the office and coffee and Jesus for me. I went to visit my sister. Her and I along with our mom sat around and talked and look who was right by us. Ms. Phylis. She is a mess. 

I got home and did some chores- finished my taxes, planting my pots, firewood off the back deck, laundry, etc. 

I made ritz chicken for dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, showered, and got into bed. My mom called a little after 9 letting me know she was heading to my sisters because Stacey had a seizure and my sister couldn't get him to calm down. 
By the time, we got there he was calmed down. I left around 10:45 and crawled into bed because my alarm was set for 6AM. 

Thursday, April 4th- 

Coffee and Jesus, Ben to the office, and then Kathryn and I left the house around 8am to pick up Grammy and head to LaGrange to see Ian and show Grammy all around LC. We ate lunch at Karvela's. My favorite. 

We headed back after lunch and stopped at Ben's office before heading to Ella's golf club fitting. 

Grammy and I left half way through her fitting. I dropped her off and headed home. Well Ella left her keys in my purse so I had to take them back to her at the PGA superstore. On our way home, we ate dinner at Chili's. 

We got home, I did a few things, and then curled up on the couch. I crashed into bed. 

Friday, April 5th- 

Ben and I were woken up to his phone ringing around 2:45am to let us know that Stacey passed away at 2:20. He lost his 3 year battle to glioblastoma. Our hearts are/were shattered. I got dressed and headed to my sisters house. Ben stayed home to be with Ella. I got to my sisters and we just hugged and cried. It's hard watching your sister be in so much pain. 

The funeral home picked him up just before 6am. We started going through pictures and look at this one I found of Ella on one of our beach trips. My sister is holding her up. 


We all started to leave my sisters around 8am to head home and get ready. Her sister in law stayed with her. I met them at the cemetery and we got that taken care of, then we went to the florist for flowers, and ended at the funeral home to finalize the details of the service. I took my sister home. Ben and the kids met me at her house for dinner and to get the slideshow complete for the visitation. They left and I made sure my sister was settled and her sister in law, Janie got back to her house to spend the night with her. I got home around 10:30. 

Saturday, April 6th- Ben's Birthday. 

We got up early to head to Legend's for breakfast and to play golf for Ben's birthday. We ate lunch, headed home, got ready, and headed to Stacey's visitation. Family needed to be there at 3:30 and other people started showing up around 4:30. We left the funeral home around 8:30pm. It was a long and emotional day. 

The birthday boy...

Sunday, April 7th- 

We were up and ready. Heading to eat at Cane's by 11am and then headed back to the funeral home. We were so thankful for all the love and support. 
Tonya and Stacey started dating when she was 14 years old and got married when she was 18 years old. 

Look at all the beautiful flowers. 

My sister and her crew. Forever missing Grampy. 

The service was at 2pm and it was a great service and tribute to Stacey. I so wish our family didn't have to go through this lose. Stacey was a kind and wonderful man that loved my sister and his family with everything that he had. The world will never be the same without him. It does give us peace that he is healed walking the streets of heaven. 

A little later, we went to the gravesite. The flowers were still beautiful. 

Ella picked a bouquet of flowers and we hope to root some of the roses. 

On our way home, we ordered pizza for dinner. After we ate diner, I showered, and crashed. 

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