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Hey Y'all! Happy Friday! As I have mentioned before that sometimes I get in a posting "rut" and have no idea what to post. So back in 2020,  I came up with this format and I think I am going to try to bring it back when needed. 


When I work on the computer, I always split my screen and watch a movie. I have loved these two. 



This Book. I watched the WW special on Youtube last week and Jamie spoke and I ordered the book and started the book this week. I love it so far. 


I love how Lindsay shares her outfits every month. April was a fun one with all the Disney outfits. Maybe I should start doing this so I will actually get ready each day! 😐


Slow mornings with coffee, Jesus, and Trixie. It's a great way to start each day. 


With Summer coming up and travel plans, here are a few post of some of my favorite travel items. 

Happy Friday Friends!


Linking up with Momfessionals for Friday Favorites. 

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