February Goals

can't believe it is already February!!! Where did January go?!?!?  

One thing I am really loving about this blog is that I feel like it will hold me accountable! 
I want to be able to look back at my post and see if I actually accomplished the goals I set for myself!! We all know how fast time flys and how the days, weeks, and even months can get away from us!! 

So here is a list of what I plan to accomplish this month! 

1. Work out 4x a week!!
 I keep starting and then starting over on the 21 day fix.... I just hate meal prepping. However, I am starting to really love the workout videos! They are 30 minutes each and I am SORE afterwards!! 

2. Drink more water! I am fairly good at drinking water during the week but I just plan stink at it during the weekends. I really need to improve on that!! 
I mean I have this super cute water bottle!! 

I am really trying to #bestrongerthanmyexcuses 

3. Make the kiddos Valentine's next week for their class mates!! Ella decided on these....

and I need to spread them out! They are great at starting them...then about 8 in they are OVER writing their names!! #thelifeofanelementarykid 

That girl loves her some emojis!! 
I'm still working on Ian!! 

4. Make Valentine treats just because... We have a crazy busy week this week so hopefully next week we can make these treats.... 
And these... 

They both look so YUMMY!!! 

5.  We never got around to our Valentine craft, so hopefully this week or next!!! I think Ella would like to make this guy!!!

6.  Make a new creation for 'Oh My Glitter' using burlap! 

I have a good bit of burlap and I'm hoping to make a banner or stuffed little bunnies.... We shall see!!! 

7.  Keep my craft room picked up! I am so bad about making a HUGE mess when I craft! So I'm going to try to make sure I pick up every night. Everything has a place. I just need to stop being lazy at night and put things back where they go!! So in other words... I need to practice what I preach!!! 

8. Get blog looking better! I really need to learn the "customize" features of blogger! #imgettingthere 

I did however create these goodies last week!! 

We get to start our 'Countdown to Kisses' this Morning!!

Happy February Friends!!!

What are your goals this month??? 

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