Friday Favorites

Oh Thank Goodness Friday is HERE!

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I mentioned on Wednesday that I read about Clinique's moisture surge overnight mask on Shay's blog and I picked it up this past weekend....well it quickly turned into a FAVORITE!!

You should walk  run to your nearest Clinique retailer or click on the link above to order from Amazon!! This stuff is amazing, but wait my next FAVORITE is a Clinique product, as well!

I also read on Shay's blog that a lot of her readers suggested this sunscreen from Clinique! Well it doubles as a primer and that is my FAVORITE! 

Plus, the sunscreen does not feel oily! which to me is a PLUS!

Creating unique personalized goodies for my friends and family is one of my FAVORITE things to do! I am so very thankful that God blessed me with the ability to be crafty and create! I love watching peoples faces when I hand them their order or give them a gift! It is PRICELESS!! 

Here are a few of my FAVORITES from this week....

 Who has the song stuck in their head now....SUGAR!!!

 More racing mugs!

This weather is about to "make me lose my mind..up in here, up in here"

 I mean how stinkin' cute is this FFA tumbler....

 The back!!

Soccer Tumbler!!

I would love to create a goodie for you!!

My coffee corner in my kitchen has been a FAVORITE this week! 

It has been abused this week! My Keurig is set to come on at 5:00am and turns off at 10:30am....well not this week. It has been on a lot! Coffee has kept me warm and #gsd 

I even let the kids keep their hot chocolate and marshmallows in my corner! Aren't I sweet?!?!?! ;)

Yesterday this kid was home sick...He had a headache, throat hurt, and a nasty cough! Well his allergies have been kicking his hiney! Ian being sick was NOT a FAVORITE, but spending the day just him and I was my FAVORITE!!!

This boy is full of energy and will make your stomach hurt laughing so hard!

Waiting in carpool line to pick up
his sister

After we got home, from picking up his sister his fever shot up to 103.5- scary stuff... and the verdict is....THE FLU......Let me just tell you the flu is not my FAVORITE.....But again spending the day just him and I is my FAVORITE! 

My Throwback Thursday post from yesterday was a FAVORITE! It was fun to walk down memory lane! I think this type of post will become a regular series!! 

Happy Friday Friends! I hope you guys have a GREAT weekend!!

See you back here on Monday! 
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