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Happy Monday Friends....

Can I get an AMEN??!?!?

Every Sunday, I tell myself "This is going to be my week"! I am going to get so much accomplished, my house cleaned, a new 'creation' made, I'm not going to yell at the kids, I'm not going to work in my craft room once they get home, etc, etc.


And every week it seems that I fall into the same rut...I do not get nearly enough stuff accomplished, I didn't complete that new 'creation', I yelled at the kids on the way to school Monday morning-on a side note-I didn't yell this morning:), I worked in my craft room till it was time to make get the point!!

So I saw this on Pinterest and thought I would give it a try...Even though it is directed to a business person I think it can apply to any profession- even myself as a mom

16 things successful people do on Monday mornings....

1. They wake up early
Let's be honest...that is HARD to do any day of the week much less on a Monday morning!
But I really need to try! 
I find myself much more calm and not rushed if I wake up earlier than the kids and have some time to get myself together! But I LOVE my bed!

2. They exercise! 
I know this helps me in so many other ways than the physical part! 
So why don't I do this EVERYDAY?!?!?!
but I need

3. They eat a healthy breakfast!
This I do accomplish!
Just about every morning I have greek yogurt with fruit and granola! 
so yummy!

4. They arrive early!
Well since I don't have a "job" that I arrive too...I get my kids to school early, so that should count!! 

5. They clear their desk and desktop!
This is one of my new years resolutions that I would say that I have done pretty well at...
I try not to go to bed with a messy/cluttered house and after I create a project I clean everything up! When I craft, it gets MESSY! 

6. They carve out time for unexpected projects and task.
Being a mom is all about unexpected projects and task, right?!?!
I can have my day planned out hour by hour but sometimes the kids have other plans, like get sick at school, or forget their lunch box, etc!
I have learned to just roll with the punches!
I have to be ready for the unexpected projects and task!

7. They greet their teams and bosses.
I greet my "team" every morning with a sweet 'Its time to get up'! They don't always like me in the mornings! I have learned that once I wake them up they need a few minutes to gather themselves before coming downstairs for breakfast!! 
It's a guessing game! 

8. They update their to-do list and goals.
I try to take some time over the weekend to get a look at my following week. I feel like I can better prepare myself for the week ahead! I let Ben know of anything different going on that week, so that I don't 'spring' things on him the day before! I also let the kids know what is going on that week! 
I will plan out of menu, blog post, and my to- do list and what I hope to accomplish! 
All of that magic happened in my Erin Condren life planner Erin is AMAZING and I love all of the layouts and fun colors of the planners!

9. They visualize the weeks success!
For me, they way I visualize the weeks success is that I wrote everything down in my planner! I am a very visual person, so I like being able to see my goals/to do's, etc and feeling a sense of accomplishment when I get to check it off!!

10. They screen emails for urgent request.
Usually the only emails I find urgent are from the kids teachers and 
The rest is usually "junk"...and I delete (sometimes) 
 I mean I would hate to miss a fantastic shopping experience 

11. They tackle the tough challenges first.
In my case, my tough challenge would be working out...I just do not enjoy, so the longer I wait during the day the more likely I won't exercise!

12. They make an extra effort to smile.
For the most part, I am a happy go lucky type of person...
but sometimes I don't want to smile...even when I should! 
You never what someone else is facing and your smile could change their day!!

13. They add a "blanket of humanity" to their emails!

14. They're able to say no.
This one KILLS me. 
because I am a stay at home mom people think I have all the time in the world...well guess what I don't (surprise surprise) 
I know some of you who are reading this and rolling your eyes! 
I am very active at my kids school and I loving be able to help my kids teachers and school! I love walking into their school and all of the staff know who I am! 
So when someone ask me for help or to make them a shirt, or tumbler, etc and I have to say no because I just don't have the time it kills me! but if I say yes then I will be in my craft room after the kids get home-(which I usually am now, but I'm working on that), or I am up late working on the item!!
Me staying home is what works for our family! It is something Ben and I talked about before we even got married! I am just thankful and blessed that we are able to make this goal a reality! 

15. They stayed focused.
I use my planner to stay focused and I try to stay off social media for the most part of the day because just "checking Instagram or face book time flies and I could have accomplish so much in that time! 

16.They remember that there is a TUESDAY!

Praise the lord for Tuesday!! lol
I try not to beat myself up if I don't get everything "checked" off my to do list! but for me its a struggle because I hate carrying today's to-do's to the next days!

because this quote pops in my head...

and I'm like dang it!!

What do you do to help get your "to do" list or goals accomplished?
How do you try to start each week?
What do you use to get them accomplished?

I would love to hear your comments and suggestions! Remember we are all in this together, so your suggestion just might help someone else!!

Happy Monday friends 
and remember

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