Life Lately

Life lately seems to have revolved around this guy and watching him play basketball 

And we love it!! We really enjoy watching Cory play a sport that he is passionate about... 

Last Thursday, we went to his Senior dinner! The kids though they were so cool!!! 

After the banquet, I picked up Stephanie and we went and saw the 10pm showing of The Choice! It was a great movie, but we 
both ugly cried! Dang you Nicholas Sparks ;) 

Friday night was SENIOR night for Cory! And boy did he have a fan club! Everyone loves their CoCo!! 

Tonya, me, Grandma Deb, and Amber!

Grandma Deb, Cory as a fat head, and me! 

The seniors got to walk on the court escorted by their parents!! 

The Panthers lost on senior night. It was very sad. We were all pretty bummed. 

The rest of the weekend was pretty laid back. Ben played golf on Saturday while the kids and I hung out at the house! Ella wasn't feeling her best but ended up going to her friend, Aly's, birthday party!! It was a slumber party!! Of course, she had the best time. A total of 9 little girls spent the night!! 

Playing dress up and make-up- 2 of her favorites! 

Sunday, Ben and Ian played golf with Grandaddy and Chris! While, I ran to the grocery store to get the essentials to make Mexican for the Super Bowl all while Ella utilized the true meaning of Sunday {a day of rest}

Staying up till 1am with your friends is rough!! :) 

We watched the Super Bowl curled up on the couch with Mexican food!! It was awesome!!! 

Tuesday after school it was guitar lessons and you'll never guess... Watching this guy play the first round of the play offs 

Just in case you were wondering #30 is our favorite... hehe ;)

And they WON the first round... They play again tomorrow night! 

Last night was spent making Valentine's! 

Ian wanted no part of the picture taking:) 

I was just impressed that he made Valentine's! 
He didn't go the Star Wars tic tac route... But he did hearts!! 

Ian's are on the left and Ella's on the right! 

That is what we have been doing lately! 

What have you been up too?? 

Happy Thursday friends! 
Today is the kids "Friday". No school tomorrow or Monday!! 

Whooooo we love long weekends!! 



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