Show N Tell Tuesday {how to win my heart} Edition

It's Show and Tell Tuesday and I'm linking up with Andrea

Today's edition is how to win my heart....

Oh my goodness, there are so many ways to win my heart!
give me coffee, wine, 
do the dishes,vacuum the floors, etc
You get the idea~

However, this guy won my heart a little over 13 years ago!!

The ways to my heart have changed over the years!
But I would have to say the way to my heart our time together! 

With 2 kiddos, life can get a little busy and crazy! 
So I LOVE when he and I get a date night and we get to spend time together! 
Some times its even lunch dates while the kids are at school!!

Now, don't get me wrong- this girl loves new clothes, shoes, purses, he is more than welcome to buy me new goodies! ;)

I mean if he wants to take me to the mall and shop while we spend time together...who am I to say no!! #itsawinwin

In all honesty, I would be lost without this man!
He just gets me! 
He seems to know what I need before I even do! 

I love you Ben! 

This post is short and sweet! But to the point! 
I cherish the time Ben and I get to spend together! 
I look forward to it...

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