Life Lately

We have had a lot of fun this past week! 

The end of last week I finished up some final touches of my craft room. You can see my craft room tour from yesterday's post here! Plus there is a giveaway for this cutie! 

It's time to get out your bunnies and chicks because Easter is early this year! 

Last Thursday, I spray painted a few frames pink and blue to match my craft room to display some of the kids art work and craft quotes! 

I love these kind of projects!

Thursday evening, we all went to the Father Daughter dance at school. My plan was to just send Ben and Ella but Ian wanted to go to checkout all the girls... Oh my glitter! 😜

We stayed for about 40 minutes and then continued our date at Longhorns. 

Friday the kids were out of school! I was a horrible momma and scheduled their well visits.... But I redeemed myself and took them to Menchie's on the way home! 

Ian just loves pictures! 

The Dab...Cam Newton... Whatever. 

They are so over me taking pictures! 

Saturday morning, the boys went to get their hair cuts and came home with this for the girls...

Balloons, stuffed animals, and heart shaped biscuits from Chick-Fil-A!! 

Ella only wanted her biscuit... Duke was happy to eat the chicken!

Then my honey sent me to enjoy this... 
 A Manicure and a Pedicure!! 

Saturday evening, we dropped the kids off at Bens parents while we headed to his work party!!! And believe it or not, I didn't take a picture! 

Sunday, we headed to church and lunch then
Enjoyed our Valentine's as a day of rest! It was awesome! 

Duke has taken his rest time very seriously 

So did Ian....

Monday, We were out of school again and Conyer and Addison came and hung out with us! The kids enjoyed the company!!! 

The rest of the week has been pretty low key... School, homework, guitar lessons... 
Same ole same ole! 

The weather has been awesome here! Duke and I have enjoyed an open sun roof this week in carpool line! 

The kids and I have also started our own book club! Ian really struggles with his reading and comphresion, so I think this has really helped him. He reads a chapter then I read it! We then discuss it to see if he understood what he just read!! 
Ella reads 2 chapters out loud to me! 

Here is their books! 

Happy Thursday Friends! Hang tight it's almost the weekend! 

Don't forget to enter in the raffle for the wooden bunny sign from yesterday's post!! 



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