Things that are: HAPPY

I read several blogs every morning! This week I read Shay's Blog post about 
Things that are: HAPPY
I thought what a great idea with Valentine's Day on Sunday! 

So here is a list of things that make me Happy~

My Cricut

I LOVE this machine and it makes me SO happy! 

I can spend hours in my craft room creating fun things with it!


I drink coffee as soon as I wake up! 
It makes me HAPPY to have that first sip!

Coffee helps me #gsd! 

I even made a coffee mug with that saying on it!

Momma Needs her Coffee


Wine makes me HAPPY or at least feel HAPPY ;)

I am a Pinot Grigio kinda of gal!

This is my favorite!

I love to drink it out of Wine Glasses that I have made...

My Bible Study Group

Yes, I realized I went from Wine to the Bible but hey Jesus turned Water into Wine, right??

I love meeting with these girls every week to discuss our bible study book! 

It is such a refresher! 

These are just a few things that I love and make me HAPPY!!

What makes you HAPPY? What are some things that you LOVE??


I would love to hear from you!



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