Friday Favorites

Hello Friday!!

Today I am linking up with NariErika, and Andrea
for Friday Favorites!

My Blardigan

Sheaffer over at Pinterest Told Me To....gave it the name Blardigan because it's kinda of like a blanket and kinda of like a cardigan- so the Blardigan was born!!

I like to think of it as a hug every time I put it on...its my favorite and will make you forget all about the price tag!! ;)

My Blardigan and Coffee (insert heart eye emoji) 

sorry about the poor quality of the picture, but clink on the link and you will see it and all of its glory! 

My Bearpaw Slippers. I bought mine at Macy's but couldn't find them online to link them! so the link is to

I were them all the time...I have been known to wear them in carpool line:) 

I am currently wearing my blardigan and slippers while drinking coffee- ALL my favorites! 

Making Valentine's with my kiddos this week! They had they best time filling those out for their friends and seeing which friend got which Valentine was my favorite! Love their big personalities! 

This guy holding my hand at Cory's game.  He just grabbed my arm and put it around him and held my hand....oh my heart just melted. One of my favorite moments this week! 
When you are an 11 year old boy in a gym full of people...this was huge! 
Usually, he is to cool for momma!!

I will take any moment I can get! 

This girl got 6 inches cut off of her hair! This style and length is my favorite on her! I thought she was sassy before....oh no, she is full on sass now!!

Having a 4 day weekend with these 2 is my favorite!! 

These are just a few of my favorites this week! 

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend! 

xoxo, Heather~ 

What are a few of your favorite moments from this week? 
Do you have a favorite item or article of clothing that is your favorite and want to share??

I would love to hear from you!!

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