Throwback Thursday

Since one of my goals for this blog is to use it as an "online scrapbook" since I don't actually scrapbook anymore I thought I would do a little....

Today I am going to "throwback" till when Ben and I were dating... 

A little history before you see the year and 1/2 of us dating!

Ben and I met in the 6th grade! All through high school we were like brother and sister....We talked to each other about girlfriends and boyfriends, always went on double dates, We would just randomly show up at each others houses, I went to his golf banquets with I said Brother and Sister! My mom told me when I was a junior that Ben and I would end up getting married! I told her she was crazy!! 

So here is us dating..... 

This is our where our story begin! We ended up going out to dinner with some friends and Ben and I ended up "paired" together...Later that night he kissed me! The rest is history!!

When we started dating Ben had already left for Valdosta State- which wasn't that big of a deal! The highway was just hot on the weekends to see each other ;)

I mean look at us we were babies!! 

This was Spring Break 2002- St. George Island!

Dinner in St. George!

For Ben's Birthday(April 6th, 2002) - I went to visit him in Valdosta for the weekend and of course, we had to eat at El Toreo! It was the best mexican and margaritas

 Jeremey and Michael's wedding- June 2002!

November 2002, My family came to Valdosta and we all went to Wild Adventures! This was us watching the fireworks that evening!!

December 2002, Ben took me to Calloway Gardens for the weekend and POPPED the question! 

Christmas- 2002 as the newly engaged couple!

This was us at Ben's VSU graduation- May 2003

Celebrating Ben's graduation at NY Prime with his grandparents!

At my sisters 30th Birthday Party- June 2003

At the Kenny Chesney concert- July 2003 

Our Wedding Day- September 20th 2003

12.5 years, 2 kids, and 2 dogs later....I say we are doing pretty good....

Speaking of scrapbooking, I started scrapbooking in 2000 and scrapbook pretty regularly until 2008-2009.....then with 2 little kids it just got hard to keep up with it! I hope to start back again one day when life calms down..haha But here is a little #tbt to my very first Cricut!

It was so little! It only cut 6x12
Here is my current Cricut

Happy Thursday Friends.....

hang tight its almost the weekend!



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