Girl Mom Box Swap!

I have waited for this day for so long!! Ella and I are SO EXCITED to share our Girl Mom Box Swap!! 

I always pictured myself as a "Girl Mom". I have a sister, I was raised by a single mom, I have lots of girl cousins, some great girlfriends.....needless to say I was always surrounded by girls growing up! So when Ian Michael came around I had no idea what to do with a boy! HA 
But I quickly figured him out!! 

Then in February 2007 when I found out I was pregnant again....I selfishly wanted that baby to be a girl. But a huge part of my wanted Ian to have a brother. But God had plans for us to have a beautiful baby girl! 
And let me tell you since October 2007....our life has been filled with so much pink, bows, ruffles, tutus, nail polish, arts and crafts, drama, sass, and butterfly kisses~ 
But we love our Ella Marie SO MUCH! She completes us!! 

Now enough about that stuff...😉
Let's talk about our Girl Mom Box!! 

Ella and I were partnered up with Camryn and Amanda over at Cardio, Cab, and a Keyboard!! 
I cannot tell you how freaking excited I was to be partnered with these fabulous girls!! 
Camryn and Ella are both 9 so it worked out PERFECT!! 

Ella was reading the card! 

Then she saw this kit!! She squealed with delight! 

Checking out all the other goodies!! Notice Duke wanting in on all the action! 

Look at all this goodness they sent Ella! 

She immediately went to work putting together her felt boxes! They sit on her headboard with several of her treasures in them! 

Camryn also asked Ella to be her Pen Pal....How sweet is that??
She wrote her back the very next day!! 

Now look at all my goodies from sweet Amanda

Y'all I could have cried!! She was so sweet to send me these items that she picked out just for me!! 
I love this little blogging world!! 

Of Course, she thought of me when she saw this sign!! hehehe! 

This candle smells AMAZING!! 

and it just so happens that I finally found a red wine that I like!! 

It is from the country artist Zac Brown from The Zac Brown Band. I guess it just took my love of country music and wine to combine for me to find a red wine that I like!! HA 

So these are PERFECT

cleansing wipes for your teeth! So amazing! 

Thank you Amanda and Camryn for sending us a box full of love! We are so thankful that we got to "meet" you lovely Southern Belles through this blogging world!! 

Thank you so much to the fabulous host! 
Dara from Not in Jersey
Danielle from A Sprinkle of Joy
Johannah from The Sirois Family

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