Spring Cleaning means more room for SHOES!

Y'all I LOVE to clean...yes I know that makes me a minority. But I am a very impatient person and cleaning is an INSTANT result! I have fully started spring cleaning around here and I hope to share my method of madness with you guys soon....but until then I am going to talk about "transition" shoes....

We all know the flip flop is the "glass slipper" of the south but for some reason I just feel strange wearing them in March and early April..... It's almost like the kids have to have "spring break" before I can bust out the ole flip flops!! So today I thought I would share a few pairs of shoes that I wear during that "transition" period! Oh and yes I realize I am probably crazy that I even think this way about shoes! HA 

My new FAVORITE shoes are these! Lindsay told us about these shoes about a month ago and I "ran" to Target to buy them! 

These wedges are AMAZING! The heel is only 2.75" which is perfect for me and makes me taller than my 12 year old!! I can wear them all day and my feet do not hurt!! 
I also have them in black!

No one knew that Cat in the Hat had such cute shoes!!! HA 

Next up let me share with you these flats....

These Jessica Simpson ballet flats are well worth the price! They are great! I love the nude color and the comfort.  They go great with any outfit! The criss cross strap is just to cute! 

Third....let me share with you my beloved Chuck Taylor's! I never thought I would be a Converse fan...but I am now!! 

They are PERFECT for that "in between" weather. When you want something light but not sure if your toes should show just yet! HA 
I also recommend you size a half size down in these! 

Fourth...let's talk about a "dressier" transition shoe! 

I love the "peep toe" on these wedges! 

The heel is 3 inches so it's not awful! 

I actually bought these to wear to Ben's Winterfest! my Leopard heels were KILLING me so we ran into Off Broadway and I picked these out! I also snagged them in black 

Finally, we all know that April SHOWERS bring May Flowers....

SO I couldn't leave my awesome Hunter Rain boots out of this post!! 

I have a pair of the "tall" ones, as well but I prefer the "half calf" ones! 
They really are worth the price. They keep your feet warm and dry. 

I just had to include this picture.... I was trying to take a "shoe" picture and please look at Trixie! She is like "Mom, what are you doing"? HA 

So are you a "I wear flip flops as soon as the weather warms up kinda of gal" or are you a "I can't bust out the ole flip flops just yet kinda of gal"??? I know the decision is just awful....it's almost as bad as "Can I wear white before Easter"? Fashion rules are hard ladies!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Hope you will check out all the other blogs from our little "Spring Hop"! 
You will find everything from Spring Cleaning Tips to Kids Spring Wardrobes!! 

Happy Reading!! 

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