Hello Monday

Hello Monday! Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend! We sure did! It was pretty low key! Just the way I like it!! 

I hope you will grab our new Hello Monday graphic and link up with myself and Johannah!

Friday,  Ella had to be at school at 7:00 the same time Ian has to be at school, so it was an early morning for all of us!! 

By 8 this was Trixie.....

10:00 she was still struggling! HAHAHA 

Later that afternoon, I was lucky enough to find a pot of liquid GOLD! HA  
Had to post cute pics on my IG for Oh My Glitter! :) 

That evening we had a dinner and movie date to see Beauty and The Beast! 

This was the first time Ella saw Belle! Wasn't she PRECIOUS?!?!?! 

Dinner at Longhorn's before the movie!! 

Getting ready for the movie! They were SO excited! 

The mamas were excited too!! 

I made her this shirt for the occasion! 

We absolutely LOVED the movie and want to see it again!! 
I will say a few parts could scare younger kiddos! 
and in my opinion the whole controversy about the movie was BLOWN way out of proportion. Again, that is totally my opinion. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. 

Saturday morning vibes.....

Trixie looked like she had a rough night! 

This was my lap! My 2 favorite boys! 

Trixie wanted in on the snuggles! 

She was curled up behind Ian next to my side!! 

Saturday afternoon....

Easter decorations came out! 

Then we rode to Athens to run a few errands! 
Then it was home for dinner and to talk more about vacation! 

These 2 crazies got tickled and Ian couldn't control his laughing!  

You wanna know what he thought was so funny....
That he was covered up with a pink blanket! 
I guess when you are really tired anything is funny!! 

Then I enjoyed a glass of wine in my S.L.U.T.S wine glass! It cracks me up! 

Sunday morning, we went to church and lunch! Then the boys went to the golf course! 

Meanwhile, Ella and Addison played teacher! 

I did laundry, helped a friend learn how to use her Cricut, and finally the boys brought home Mexican for dinner!! 

It was a great weekend!! I hope yours was, as well!! 

I can't wait to hear all about your "Hello Monday"

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