A Day in the Life

Happy Thursday Friends! 
I love reading "A Day in the Life..." post! So I thought it would be fun to document a day in my life!! I have only ever did one other day in the life post

So last Thursday, March 2 
 I took pictures of my day!! It was a crazy one for sure!! ;) 

Up at 5am

Let the pups potty

Oh sweet coffee

Then it was downstairs to make sure my post went live

Quiet time

Upstairs to make snacks for the day! They both ate lunch at school that day 

Then back downstairs to do my daily blog readings

Wake up this dude! 
I made him a bowl of cereal for breakfast. 

Then I pushed play....

Duke loves to show his support when I work out! 

Stephanie picks Ian up for school, so he left around 6:55

Then it was time to wake the princess up and get myself ready for the day! 

Started a load of laundry

Coffee and Breakfast on the run....

It was crazy hair day at school! 

My Thing 2 is ready for the day! 

7:45 and we are out the door for a 8:00 PTO Board meeting! 

After my meeting and a few PTO chores....I need gas! (yes, I made it to the gas station) 

Then home to......

switch laundry

work on Etsy orders

enjoyed a snack

worked on answering emails, PTO papers, and designs for new glitter ware all while watching Gilmore Girls

At Noon, I ate lunch....

12:15 I got ready to be the Cat in the Hat! 

At 12:45, I was reading to Ella's class

Love my Thing 2!! 

Then it was back home to finish up an Etsy order

Got my blog post ready for Friday

Folded the load of laundry

Ian has tutoring on Thursday afternoons till 3:15, so I picked him up! 

Also on Thursday afternoons, Ella has Science Olympiad till 4:45

Waiting to pick my "Thing" up! 

We raced home to let her shower and grab dinner at Chick Fil A 

She normally has guitar lessons on Tuesday but this week it was moved to Thursday....

Reading during guitar practice! 

Then we had an appointment at 7pm to get our taxes done.....YAY!! (not) 
Adulting can be so hard! 

We were home and everyone showered and in pj's by 8:30! I settled down for a glass of wine and another chapter in my book!! 

Y'all I was in bed at 9:17....I was asleep by 9:30!! I'm such a wild woman! HAHA 

I don't normally go to bed that early but this momma was exhausted that day! 

So that was my day on Thursday, March 2, 2017

Loads of fun, right??!?!! HA 

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my wild and crazy day! 

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